What would you have done?

So I went to the gym today.  I know! I made the effort to go to my class even though it is a holiday and I could have made more than one excuse to stay home and work on the house or play in the sun.  Of course, there was a sub for the class.  The class that I go to three times a week is modeled after the In.sanity workout and it is usually pretty intense. By that, I mean the warm up usually makes me want to crawl for the door.  It is lots of cardio intervals mixed with a little bit of hand weight stuff, squats, pushups, lunges.  All the stuff I should do but don’t unless I pay someone to make me.  Anyway, the sub was the usual Zum.ba teacher.  She started right off the bat with a  zum.ba dance for the warm up and lost about 1/4 of the students with that.  It was fun but it was far from intense.  I could tell she was nervous and when those ladies all put thier stuff away and left it visibly made her more upset.  I felt bad.  So I stayed, I figures it was only an hour and any movement was better than none right?  Well I don’t think I got too much of a workout because I spent the whole time debating if I should stay or go.  I mean It was my day off and Cloudy was at home, I was expecting a certain level from the class and I wasn’t getting it.   I did end up leaving a little early but I smiled and waved and said thank you so as to send the message that I was grateful for her being there but had to leave.  I’m not sure what the right thing to do is.  As a yoga instructor I would never let anyone teach my class who hasn’t at least been to the class or knows what the students expect.  I’m not sure who is responsible for finding subs at this gym but I think a little bit more effort should go into it to ensure a certain level of satisfaction from the students but also to avoid humiliation on the part of the sub.  She really was trying to help out and I felt very bad for her.

Would you ladies have stuck it out or would you have left and made better use of the hour?