Human nature vs Nature nature

So I wrote last about sad television.  The truth is that the saddest things are happening right here, in our real world.

There is such a big difference between a natural disaster and a human led massacre isn’t there?

If there is a wild fire or a tsunami, something that feels out of our control, then it seems everyone stands up with empathy and wants to help survivors and families that suffer loss.  We all want to send food, money, prayers, thoughts, and love to the situation.  It is easy to unite because there isn’t anything else we can do.  We can’t stop nature.  We don’t feel responsible so we don’t have the nerves and unsettling fear that comes with having to do something about it.

When one of our own kills we feel very different.  These people that kill, even the ones that kill children, they are one of us.  We don’t like to remember that, we like to cast them out there as separate from us.  But I am of the mind that we create those people and we are responsible for their lives and their actions.

This type of tragedy tends to cause division, not unity like in the natural crisis scenario.  It becomes political, it becomes religious, it’s personal.  We’re divided.

In Camp A you have people that care, they want to help.  They want to send money and love and food and prayers to the survivors.  But they also sense the responsibility.   They know that something has to be done.  Even if they don’t agree on how, they realize that we have to try to do something to keep this from happening again.

This gets people worried, so camp B is formed.  There are whispers and eventually shouts “Camp A wants to take away our guns!  They want to take our money and give it to the mentally unstable!”  They care, they want to help and send thoughts and prayers.  But they don’t feel the responsibility.  They don’t want to make a change if it means a personal sacrifice.   It’s easier to blame god or a lack of god than it is to give up their right to bear arms.

Then we fight, Camp A against Camp B.  The fight becomes about the fight and not about the shooting or the bombing, we say it is, we say we are fighting for the children and their families.  But I think that gets lost.

I think deep down something in us is stirred.  Some of us recognize it as responsibility and some of us only recognize it as very uncomfortable.  But we sense, that when one of our own kills, we are to blame.

That seems really bad right?  I hear you.  “Sunshine, I am not to blame for what that man did to those children.”  I agree.  You, as one person trying to get through life the best way you know how; trying to be a part in making well adjusted conscious families, trying to enjoy this wonderful life even though parts of it really suck, and really bad things happen; you are not to blame for the bad things that happen.

But as a species, as a human race, I absolutely believe we are responsible for each other.  As a whole we are to blame when one of our own breaks and leaves disaster in the wreckage of their explosion.  I think we have the power and the duty to do something.  We have to try.