Perfect Book

I am one of those people that thinks that there is a perfect book for everything.  I have to really limit my trips to the book store (much like the dog shelter) because I will come out with everything.  I love adopting books!  I try to just keep it to the library, especially after just having to move boxes of books.  But sometimes I just can’t help it.  I am drawn into a bookstore and inevitably several books inside.

I don’t even always read the books I buy.  I buy them because they are pretty or they look like something I should read or something I might need someday.

One such purchased but never read books I have is Comfortable with Uncertainly by Pema Chodron

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As I was unpacking some books last night, I came across this little gem and it seemed to leap into my hands and say “READ ME”

I am definitely in a time of uncertainty and I am trying to find comfort in that.  What better way than with “108 teachings on cultivating fearlessness and compassion”?

So I will read a teaching each day and try to incorporate it into my living breathing life.  I will share the good parts with you guys!

The first teaching is titled The Love That Will Not Die.  Let’s all say it together “HOW APPROPRIATE”

Ok, I’m going to spend my lunch hour reading.  Ta ta for now.