Run Roald Dahl Grain

It takes something big and angry to get me to run these days. People always talk about runner’s high…..well I get runners low. If i start running my body yells “HEY you stop that right now”. I am active but running hurts. I used to run though. I was a sprinter in high school.


Roald Dahl is the shit! I fell in love from BFG. Totally my favorite author when I was younger.


We are replacing all of our trim and decided to go with stain instead of paint so we could see the beautiful wood grain.



In packing up some things to move I came across my cd collection and felt… old. I mean, I remember the transition from tape to cd and I thought they were so cutting edge.

What is cutting edge is that I can now fit my entire music collection in my pocket!


Young people don’t even realize that each album used to need its own space on your shelf.

The only saving grace is that Cloudy has tapes and records! He will always make me feel young.

I look forward to the day that I have to have my kids show me how to get my beastie boys off my iPod and into the microscopic chip we will all inevitably have embedded in our ears.



Um Sunshine…  you skipped Pure.

I know but, Pure?  This Photo Challange is appropriately named.  If it were called a Photo Easy the prompts would be things I see every day like, computer screen, ugly co-worker, pop tart.  So I am going to have to let Pure rattle around in the old think tank for a while and come back to it.  Or you might just get a picture of a pop tart. 

In the meantime here is my photo for Book.

Seriously the fastest way to turn a frown upside down is to pick up this book and read a few entries. 

I’ll share one with you.

When you’re awkwardly standing by yourself with a full cafeteria tray of food and then suddenly spot your friend waving at you

The dreaded Cafeteria Standalone.  Blue plastic tray wobbling in both hands, carrying a big rolling glass of iced tea and a heavy ceramic plate loaded with steaming roast beef, wet mashed potatoes, and bland baby carrots, you exit the cafeteria line and glance at the full crowd in front of you. 

It’s the high school cafeteria, the workplace lunchroom, or the food court at the mall.  Everybody is laughing, at you maybe, while you stand and stare out at the kaleidoscopic sea of smiling faces.

As the seconds tick by you feel more and more out of place.

Maybe you quickly glance around the room while pretending to get ketchup.  Maybe you walk in a couple different directions so you aren’t clogging up the lanes or looking too obvious. Or maybe you just get really anxious and wonder if you’re going to have to sit by yourself.

But just as you’re beginning to lose hope you eventually see them.

It’s your friends in the distance.

And they’re waving.




I miss school. I guess work isn’t so bad but I really miss school. I miss learning. I miss classes changing every few months. I miss being with friends. And I really miss that day at the end of summer when I would get to go buy new school supplies. New pencils! New notebooks! Something about that is so amazing.

Here is the bus driving by my house, leaving me behind to get in my car and go to work.