Manly Monday

I am joining Manly Monday!  Thanks Stork for the great idea.

It’s funny when you first move in with someone you observe personality traits and patterns of behavior that you don’t necessarily get privilege to during long distance romance weekends.

There are a few things I learned about Cloudy when we moved in together that I did not see coming and was frankly kinda weirded out by.

Cloudy’s funny habits:

Not everytime, but pretty regularly, Cloudy sits down while he is peeing.  The first time I saw this I was kind of freaked out.  I had never seen a man sit to pee before.  Now I don’t even notice it as a thing.  I think it is out of sheer laziness.  He likes sitting on the toilet.  When he is doing more than just peeing he will take a magazine and literally sit there until his legs go to sleep, long after he has completed his business.  What is that?  While we are on the toilet topic, I will say that he also will go with the door open (which doesn’t bother me since I do the same) but he is funny about wiping.  He must do it a weird way or something  cause he is extremely paranoid someone will see him doing it.  So he always closes the door to wipe.  Haha!  Sometimes he will be mid sentence and the door just slams, like he couldn’t wait to finish talking?

Cloudy paints his toenails.  I like it.  His friend owns a sandal company and when women come in to the store they get pedicures to help promote feeling comfortable trying on the sandals.  He had a pedicure there to be funny one time and thought it was great.  Now we get pedicures together sometimes and we paint each other toes.  Well… I paint his, he screws mine up.

Cloudy speaks fake Italian to the pets.  I love this too.  His father is from Italy and moved to the states to marry his mother (her parents were from the same town as Cloudy’s father).  There was some Italian spoken in his house growing up but not a lot because his father was trying to learn English and insisted that everyone spoke English all the time.  So he only picked up a few words and a few more sounds.  He likes to talk to all of our pets with what sounds like Italian but really isn’t.  The crazy part is the dogs and cats seem to completely understand what he is saying.

That is all for this episode of Monday Man-That-I-Love.