Settling In

Here I am in a new town, do I sound different?. My office is set up but the house is still in boxes. I did manage to get the bedroom set up but the other rooms need some serious work. The movers came at 8:00 Sat morning and we were all packed up by 1pm. They decided to drive and unload on the same day so we were not unloaded until 9pm. It was a long day. We also had to clean the old house in between.

We have never had movers before and I can just say. IT IS AWESOME. We ended up helping unload because there is no way I can just sit on the couch eating m&m’s while someone else is carrying my stuff and sweating from working so hard. Even though I did carry a few boxes it was nothing like moving by ourselves. I feel completely spoiled and even though the move was still hectic and stressful it was so much easier thanks to the help of these guys.

The worst part about moving so far has been saying goodbye to my friends, yoga students, and acupuncturist. I felt like I was giving up so much. I hope it won’t be long before I am integrated in the new community and make some friends. Luckily I still have you gals. Thanks so much for your understanding comments on my last post!

The best part about moving so far has been the lovely distraction it has provided me with. I am already 10 days past ovulation and I only have to wait until this weekend to test. I literally have only thought about it a couple of times and not even every day. That is wild! Usually it consumes every minute and I have to put my straight jacket on to keep from peeing on things. I don’t even know which box my pregnancy tests are in!

My chart looks pretty good but I don’t really have a strong feeling either way.  That is all for now.  I have a couple more posts I want to try to get up today to make up for by absence so I will get working on that after lunch.