About This Blog

A lovely and funny thirty something woman, Sunshine, and her fun-loving and supportive husband, Cloudy, embark on an everyday adventure to make cute babies and raise them to be conscious caring adults. Along the way they deal with difficulties making said babies, and even harder times when a first success ends in loss. Join Sunshine as she details her story and befriends her ovaries, a story of love, pain and natural fertility treatments. It remains to be seen how Sunshine and Cloudy will arrive at their happily-ever-after but it does seem they will have it.

2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Sunshine,
    I’m a friend of Josey, she recommended your blog to me. I believe we might have a lot in common when it comes to fertility and TTC (congrats by the way on your BFP!). I live in Ridgway, I’m 35 and have PCOS and I’m currently on my second round of clomid and kinda feel like I’m going crazy.

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