Sad TV and Bad Wine

Do you guys watch parenthood?

Oh my god I was bawling and sobbing at this weeks episode.  I love this show.  I love the idea of a big multi-generational family all getting together ALL the time.  I mean seriously, if one character has a dentist appointment they all rally around and discuss how it’s going and who will be taking what role in the event.  I really do love it.   I am one of 4 but it will be a while if ever before any of the others gets married or even wants to start having kids.  We all live in different towns in 3 different states.  My parents are divorced.  We do not all get together very often.  I can only assume they all get to the dentist ok.

Anyway, in this weeks’s episode one of the main characters that  is a mother of 3 and is battling breast cancer was hospitalized and we all thought she was a goner.  She made a video saying goodbye to her kids.  I could not breathe I was crying so hard.

Then on Private Practice (I love this one too) they found a little girl that had been missing for over 90 days in one of their patients bedrooms.  The episode was pretty much centered on pedophilia and registered sex offenders.  This time I was crying out of fear.

I don’t know if I am ready to be a mom, it looks painstakingly hard on the heart.  If you can trust TV that is.


While watching said sad tv I was drinking a glass of wine.  Maybe it was the alcohol turning on the water works?  No, this wine is not only free of alcohol it is also free of any taste that resembles wine.

I found Fre Wines at the local grocery store and I was kind of excited because I miss having a glass every one and a while.  They use some process to remove the alcohol from the wine so that knocked up saps like me can drink it.

I think the magic process is really just a fancy way of saying they mix grape juice with vinegar.  That is exactly what it tastes like.  And more vinegar than grape.  I’m bummed to say it is not good.  I corked it and put it in the fridge but I’m not sure I’ll be partaking again.  It might all end up in the drain 😦   Oh well, at least I am really enjoying orange juice and sierra mist right now !



11 thoughts on “Sad TV and Bad Wine

  1. Now I’m glad I don’t watch those shows. I’m having a hard enough time getting through the book I’m reading. It’s about a teenager with terminal cancer and I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be her parents…and then I have horrible nightmares. 😦

    Too bad about the alcohol-free wine. I used to enjoy a ginger beer every once in a while, so my husband was very excited when he found a non-alcoholic version for me. I was excited, too – until I tasted it. Very high on ginger and not much else! It was literally painful to drink it.

  2. I don’t watch those shows, but I can relate to you about bawling your eyes out. I was watching the movie “The Santa Claus” the other night (with Tim Allen) and started bawling when the little boy was like “I LOVE YOU DADDY!” and I just thought, OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO HAVE A CHILD WHO IS LIKE THAT WITH ME and I just lost it.
    And yes, the sad scary child things, we just have to not look at those.

  3. Ahh! Private Practice had me crying too. I tried Fre Wine a couple of years ago and you described it perfectly. It’s not something I ever wanted to try again. What about sparkling grape juice? I’m more of a bubbly drink girl myself and those seemed to satisfy my need for champagne when I attended the ball a few weeks ago.

  4. Ick. Wine that tastes like vinegar. I think I would puke if I smelled it. You know what isn’t bad is sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider. Have you tried them? They are kind of sweet, but I plan on buying some for New Years and maybe Christmas to be festive. I definitely won’t be trying “Fre”…haha. 🙂

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