Mama bear is angry

First, thank you all so much for your support yesterday.  I should’ve known that my followers would react that way because you always do.  You are always caring and supportive and I appreciate it.  That being said if I ever say something that rubs you the wrong way please do feel free to let me have it.

Today I am angry.  I have been angry all week actually.  It has been over two weeks and I still do not have my results from the MaterniT21 test.  I know that things take time and that I need to be patient, and that is what I have been trying to do but when I called on Monday to check the status I got a very upsetting response.

I started with my inept Drs office thinking maybe they had it sitting on the desk and just hadn’t gotten around to calling me.  I was told that they had been playing phone tag with the lab in CA because evidently my results were ready but they were not sent because the Diagnosis Code that was originally submitted was wrong.

Currently, in order to have this test performed you have to meet one of 4 qualifiers.  One of them being a personal history of a pregnancy with a genetic abnormality.  Yep that’s me.  But my doctors office did not check this box.  They did not check any of the 4 boxes actually.  They just wrote in their own excuse.  “Pregnancy with other poor obstetric history”  Ok fine, this description kind of covers it I guess, but why would they think it is better than the one on the paper already? The one that states that I have been through this exact crap before and I want to know sooner this time around!?  Oh right inept, I forgot.

Mistakes are made I get it, but how long does it take to call them and give them the right code?  It’s going on six days now.  SO I have to call my doctors office (multiple times until someone answers) leave a message for the doctor and then several hours later a nurse calls me back.  Even though I have specifically asked the doctor to call me back.  The nurse explains that they are trying to take care of it and have left a message with the woman from the lab that called them but aren’t getting any response from her.   THEN CALL SOMEONE ELSE AT THE LAB!

I called the lab directly to see if they could tell me anything.  They give me a slightly different story.  That my results have already been sent out via fax.  What?  They of course cannot tell me anything because they can only release results to the perscibing physician.  But they had no problem charging my credit card directly without billing through my drs office.   Yeah I saw the charge on my credit card statement yesterday.

So not only has the test been run, the results are in, but I have already paid for it!  But I still can’t get the results or a straight reason as to why or where they are!

If I don’t get a satisfactory call this morning I might just have to go into the office and ask what we need to do to settle this today.  I’d be happy to make calls or check the fax machine for them if they cannot handle it.

And I’ll tell you one more thing.  I hope like hell that the results say that everything is fine.  Because if someone has known that I am carrying a baby with a problem and they have refused to tell me for a week because they don’t have the right box checked I might just buy a gun, or hire a lawyer or both!

Oh yeah, I have mama bear syndrome bad!


5 thoughts on “Mama bear is angry

  1. Oh good lord. Why can’t these guys get their shit together???? Do they not realize that it’s cruel to leave pregnant women waiting for results like this and that the last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with this crap? Ugh.

    I hope you can get them all straightened out soon. Even more than that, I hope the results come back normal. Good luck!

  2. Ugh, this is beyond ridiculous. It’s normal to give the doc a couple of days to get the changes done (they’re human after all and don’t work 7 days a week), BUT, 6 days is ridiculous. I hope you get this resolved today and get the GREAT news that all is well. Hang in there…

  3. Wow. I would be livid if I were you. What the heck?! I can’t believe that you are getting the run around so bad here. How incredibly irritating. Good luck getting everything resolved today. You are your best advocate! Hoping for the absolute best results for you!!

  4. There have been many times where I’ve had to fire my doctors. Some of them publicly while a full waiting room of people overheard. It’s never pretty but sometimes it needs doing. I know you’re kind of in a tough situation because there aren’t many doctors for you to choose from in your area but maybe driving an hour for stellar care might not be so bad compared to what’s going on with this office right now. I hope everything gets worked out and you have nothing but good results!

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