I have not been overly impressed with my OB to date.  Just in general the office seems a little flaky.  I can call 4 times in a day and not get anyone to answer.  My appointment times have been confused on their part and I’ve had to show them my reminder card to help them understand it wasn’t my fault.  And then in general I don’t feel like I’ve received the level of care that I want from the doctor in terms of screenings and monitoring.

It came to me over the weekend that I need to take some responsibility for part of this.  I have certain expectations for this pregnancy that are based on 1.) the care I received at my previous OB, 2.) information I wished I had had in my first pregnancy,  and 3.) the care I have read about other bloggers getting without asking for it.   So it is possible that it isn’t fair for me to get mad at a doctor for not meeting expectations she hasn’t been made aware of.

Also, I think because I already thought I knew what to expect from pre-natal care I did not think to have a conversation with my new doctor about their standard protocol for treating pregnant women.    It occurred to me that maybe I need to have this conversation.  I need to explain what I expect but also hear what their standard is so that we are both working off of the same set of expectations.  Hopefully this will avoid any future freak outs on my part in relation to not getting something I thought was going to happen.  I likely also need to make a call to my insurance company after I have talked to the doctor so that I know what I can expect to be covered in my pregnancy plan.

Gone are the days that I can expect my doctor to be one step ahead of me in terms of offering me information I didn’t know I could have.   Blogging will do that to you, makes you all too aware of what is out there.

I am going in for a blood draw for the MaterniT21-like test this morning.  Again I do not know if I can expect to have this chat with my doctor today or if I will just being seeing a tech.  But if I don’t see her I will call repeatedly until someone answers and can get me in touch with her.  Ahh a plan!


6 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I think it is a great idea to go and talk to your doctor about expectations. Get these things hammered out in the beginning so they don’t become a problem later on. I hope your doctor will work with you to give you the level of care that you need and deserve!

    • I only saw a nurse to take my blood but I made a point of saying that I wanted to have a conversation with the doctor. I’m sure I will have to call a few more times before it happens. (Oh and it turns out that it IS the MaterniT21 test. They didn’t know that’s what it was but it was all over the paperwork I had to sign)

  2. I think that is a terrific plan. It will greatly reduce your stress and frustration over it all if you are approaching each visit with realistic expectations of the care they will be providing each time. And if they DON’T provide the care you deserve, you can then decide if it’s worth it to drive further to get the care you need.

  3. That sounds so frustrating. Discussing expectations is a great idea, but I also think some expectations are standard in the medical profession – answering phones, correctly scheduling appointments, providing accurate and up-to-date medical information, etc. Can you commute to another town for a better doctor, inconvenient as it may be?

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