Haircuts and Story-time

On Friday I got my haircut by someone I have never met before.  When I walked in she introduced herself to me and asked what I wanted with my hair.  From there we naturally progressed to my favorite part;  the washing.  I like to sit back close my eyes and let someone else pamper me.  As soon as I sat down it started.

“Are you married?  How long?  Do you have kids?”

“Um, I’ve been married for 2 years and no kids yet.  You?”

From this point on she did all the talking and it was all about how she has been married for 5 years, has one little girl and another baby on the way. She is exactly as far a long as I am.  10 weeks that day.  She told me all about her first perfect pregnancy and easy birth because “People always want to tell you their bad stories, no one wants to tell you how easy it can be!”

Actually, people like to tell me how easy it is all the time, and that makes me crazy, but thanks.

The whole time I just sat there, not relaxing, wondering if I should tell her that I was expecting too and that we were at the same point.  But I never did.  She proceeded to tell me how she hopes this one is a boy so that she can be done because she hates being pregnant.  She talked about how sick and grouchy she had been feeling.  It was surreal.

I left thinking,  how nice it would be to talk that openly about my pregnancy with no fear of things going wrong.  How cool to be able to tell a complete stranger everything about everything you are feeling.   I was too scared to tell her anything.  I was jealous of her.  But my hair looked good so I will likely subject myself to it again 🙂

8 thoughts on “Haircuts and Story-time

  1. Ugh, don’t be envious of her. She sounds OBNOXIOUS! Okay envious that she had easy pregnancies perhaps, but not envious of her poor tact. Sorry you didn’t get the relaxation that you needed. Sometimes I wish hair stylists would take a cue from massage therapists and just let us sit back and be in silence for awhile!

  2. Oh man… There really needs to be a series of pamphlets delivered to women everywhere with a list of things you DO NOT SAY to other women. Fine, ask if she has kids, but if she doesn’t, LEAVE IT. Talk about celebrity gossip like a normal hairdresser my gawd.

  3. I am not a fan of over-sharing hair stylists. I tend to stick with one gal until they leave me for greener pastures and then I have to switch to someone new. That always requires that awkward adjustment period. Sorry she just kept running her mouth. I wasn’t going to tell my stylist about being pregnant this last time except another stylist commented on my bump so she overheard. She mentioned that she was trying and left it at that and so I didn’t initiate any more pregnancy related conversation. She is around my age and has several dogs. People that have been through pregnancy issues are just so much more cognizant of these things!

  4. Oh dear, not sensing it was a bit too much, that maybe not everybody wants to hear about it. It amazes me that some are so confident and can speak so freely about something so private. Sorry you had to sit through all that! Hope she was better handling the scissors, which it sounds like.

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