I’m back and ready to Vote

Hi Internet!

Whew it seems like I haven’t been here in a long long time.  A lot has happened since we last spoke.  So I’m going to pull out the bullets and fill you in that way!  But before I do that I just want to say happy election day!!  I used to be so excited on election day but this year I am just nervous.  So much at stake and two totally different paths we could be going down.  Today basically decides if I am proud or embarrassed to be from this Country.  No matter what happens I will still be grateful to be an American.  Even though I think this Country has a long way to go I can’t help but recognize the great things we do have and the ease and opportunity I have been handed in life.  But Please America.  Please please let’s not make a fool of ourselves, lets do the right thing.

Ok enough about politics lets talk about my silly life.

  • I survived my Licensing Exam.  It was long and grueling and hard and I vacillated the entire 8 hours between thinking I was doing pretty well and thinking I was totally bombing it.  So who knows.  I won’t get my results until last December early January so I have a few months to just sit in being relieved that it is over.  I felt ok during the exam.  They let me bring snacks in so that was helpful.  And I had my good ole Ondansetron.  (Side note: I love that name, doesn’t it sound like transformers meets reindeer?)  I don’t like taking drugs ever and especially not while pregnant but the alternative was moaning and gagging through the test.  No Thanks.  I took the first 8hr pill at 7am and like clockwork I felt like ass at 3pm on the dot.  Luckily I brought in another one with me and so I downed it and a string cheese and I was good to go again.
  • Vacation was super fun.  We had a good time in Wisconsin.  The first three days consisted entirely of driving, watching my husband and his friends drink endless beer and long islands, seeing the Packers beat up on the Jaguars, and more driving.  I don’t really remember sleeping.  But once we arrived at the in-laws house late Sunday night there was sleeping into the late hours of Monday.  There may have even been a nap Monday afternoon.  This was followed by lots of eating.  In Wisconsin the favorite foods are fried food, cheese, and fried cheese.  Delicious? yes!  Easy to digest? Not so much.  Also, Cloudy’s family is from Northern Italy so we had homemade gnocchi, polenta, and other amazing meals.  It was great.  We ate, we slept, we talked with the family.  We even went trick-or-treating with the niece and nephews.  I walked on the street with the “grown-ups” and Cloudy dressed as a fireman and raced the kids (sometimes pushing ans shoving) to the doors for Candy.  He felt sad inside that two people said “here’s one for Dad too”.  He is 39, so he just makes it under the creepy 40 year old line 🙂  It was actually really funny to watch him and the kids LOVED it.  He’s the fun uncle.
  • We told Cloudy’s family at dinner the first night that I am pregnant.   They we all very excited of course and it was nice to finally tell people.
  • TMI Alert:  I think between the overload of progesterone and and the traveling and the tons of food I am not used to, my colon went on strike.  It just laid there like a doped up apathetic loser.  It did nothing.  I bought fiber and prune juice, nothing.  I pushed and prayed and walked and contorted my body, nothing.  5 whole days of nothing to be exact.  I was scared, but I kept eating.  Then when colon decided to give it a go it was a meek attempt.  Just a couple of deer pellets.  This is so unusual for me.  Now that I have been home a few days it seems to be getting better but I am still pounding the fiber and prune juice and trying to use acupressure to help.
  • I came home with a cold.  I don’t know if it was a few days without sleep, or the wet cold weather in Wisconsin or cuddling with my snotty niece on the couch but something got me.  So I got to add sore throat and stuffed up face to nauseous and constipated.  Hence my not diving right back into blogging when I got home.  I did try to get caught up on most of your posts though.  I am a lot like Jenny of Stupid Stork.  I am usually the storm trooper of happy go lucky and optimism.  But if I get hurt or sick, forget it I am a complete fatalist.  I am the person that if I get a little hungry I think the whole world is starving and food will never be available to any of us again.  When I get a cold I think I will never be well again, I am sure it is the end and I like to vocalize it.  It seems like having someone else hear me moan or sigh actually makes me feel better.   So this last weekend I moaned and groaned and generally carried on in a very pathetic manner.  But it worked I am all healed now!   I also took Cold Snap which I love.  I emailed the company and they told me that while it hasn’t been FDA approved safe for pregnancy they  confidently and unofficially report that none of the individual ingredients are harmful for me or baby and that I should proceed at my own discretion, wink wink.  Good enough for me.
  • That is about all.  I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I still have nothing to show for it.  No beta numbers, no progesterone numbers, no yolk sac measurements.  NOTHING.  I still have to wait one more week!!!  Aghh  it’s killing me!  Just tell me something, anything, preferably something I can chart and google!  Oh, they did tell me my iron is normal and I don’t have a UTI.  Great.

It’s good to be back.  I missed you guys!



9 thoughts on “I’m back and ready to Vote

  1. Congratulations on finishing your exam! I have every confidence that you aced it and will await your good news with excitement – as I will your news next week! I still can’t believe your patience. Also, I hear you on the constipation. Nothing has any effect on mine. When I start getting a bump you can be assured it won’t be all baby.

  2. Wow I can’t believe that you are already 8 weeks 4 days! So exciting!! I am not sure if you would be willing to try this constipation remedy, but I swear by Colace. It has gotten me through many tough times. 😉 My doctor says it is totally safe for mom and baby, in fact he even prescribes regularly for some to take if things are regularly really…ummmm hard. Haha. Good luck! Can’t wait until your first ultrasound!

  3. There you are – THERE YOU ARE!!!

    Delighted that things are going swimmingly for you, my love.

    (And holy crap – YES YES a THOUSAND times yes to let’s.. try not to be an embarrassment, America).

  4. The nausea meds I took (HAD to take – I’m also a non-med person, but puking 5x/day will make you try anything) — anyway, they made me horribly constipated. Maybe it’s a side effect of that? I ended up using Colace to get relief that first trimester.

    8w4d pregnant – yahoo!!

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