I don’t know what it is but I am so….SO unmotivated lately.  Like, no drive to do anything at all.  I don’t even feel like emailing my friends or watching tv.  It’s bizzare.

I am totally uninspired by my job and not really getting much done at work these days.

I am not motivated to learn anything about my new town and once again find it totally uninspiring.

It’s even hard to get myself excited about doing yoga or going swimming which are usually things I Love.

It’s bad enough that I have been googleing “prenatal depression”.  I’m not sad or angry by any means I just feel nothing.

I’ve gone through periods of life before where I have been unenthusiastic about my job or my home but that usually motivates me to make a change.  Usually when I get like this I start some crazy plan to move or change carreers or go back to school or start a business.  But I never want to do nothing.  I am even finding it really hard to blog because I feel so boring right now.

I hope it is because I am so exhausted and  don’t have the energy for anything new right now.  I really hope it goes away in trimester 2 and doesn’t lurk around as my new foggy existence.

Anybody know anything or have any experiences with this.   I’m crawling out of my skin with boredom and yet I loathe the idea of doing anything.

In the good news department.  I called my doctor’s office and scheduled an NT ultrasound for Dec 10th.  We won’t necessarily need it since I did the MaterniT21 test, but I couldn’t turn down an opportunity for Cloudy and I to see our growing bebe.  It turns out that the best thing to do is just call and schedule whatever you want and not consult a Dr or nurse about it first.  We’ll see how that flies with the insurance…..   I spoke to a live human first ring and she seemed competent and helpful!  I was shocked.