Affirmation not Google as Fear Management

So I made it to today. The day I finally get to go to the nurse and the doctor. I’ve been ok, still calm even.

This morning I had to pee again, which is my new favorite thing to do these days. When I did, I noticed a very small bit of brown spotting on the toilet paper. Naturally worry set in immediately. I am trying to stay calm and I am trying not to Google. I am so glad I am going in to the doctor today. I really hope I have a good connection with them since there isn’t much option in town. And I hope they are willing to test my beta, progesterone, and iron.

The spotting does have me worried but I am trying to remind myself that this happened at the same time last time. It was very little and only lasted for 2 days. I’m trying to tell myself that as long as I am not cramping and it isn’t red I should be ok. I am also repeating the following affirmations over and over to myself this morning.

I trust my body and believe in my baby
My body knows how to keep this pregnancy safe
Whatever happens is for the best and higher good

For now it’s working. I hope I can make it to my appointment at 11:15 without going into full on panic mode.


4 thoughts on “Affirmation not Google as Fear Management

  1. Thinking of you today! Hoping that everything goes great. It sucks for us because we are analyzing everything when “normal” people with “regular” pregnancies go throughout their pregnancies as happy go lucky as can be. I can only hope that means that we will appreciate the small things that much more with regards to our babies. Oh and I know very well that Google is evil when it comes to pregnancy. I can’t tell you how many times I have Googled a symptom or lack of one and I get scary and untrue findings. My doctor always tells me NEVER to Google. Easier said than done for me (and most others in our shoes, I am sure). Big hugs.

  2. I hope this visit is WONDERFUL for you today, and provides you with some relief (even if temporary). I love your trusting mantra above, just beautiful. And high five on avoiding google. I am not that strong.

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