Love and thank you

Can I just say one thing? You gals are the dreamiest. Once and a while I check the stats of my blog and one thing that always strikes me is that I had the most views the day that I announced that I was loosing my baby. That was finally surpassed on Saturday when I announced that I was pregnant again. How incredibly awesome are you? Super duper big time 3 scoop ice cream awesome. Thank you all so much for being there for me in the times when I really needed you and thanks for not going anywhere when I finally have something to be excited about.

In honor of you and your greatness I have a request. Quietly Southern recently asked for her readers address’s so that she could send a little happy mail their way. And I would like to do the same. If you email me your address at rxy heart at gmail no spaces no punctuation. I will surprise you with a little something on your doorstep or in your mail box. Please please do it. Please don’t feel weird about it. I won’t hunt you down and do creepy things to you (except maybe you Jenny at Stupid Stork since I know you’d like it). And don’t feel weird about getting something fun in the mail!

Thank you all for your support and your genuine excitement for me.


5 thoughts on “Love and thank you

  1. You are a sweetie. I am going to pop you an email, as I don’t mind you having my address at all, but if the UK is too hassely to send to please don’t go to any trouble. Just pop me an email back and make my day that way! Oh and make sure you send me your address back in case I ever want to send happy mail your way too.

I always love hearing from you.

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