Simpler Times

I grew up in a City of 620,000 people.  After college I moved to the town where Cloudy and I were most recently living with 17,000 other people.  This was a big change for me.  I eventually felt right at home there and it was the perfect mix between small town and progressive thinking.  It is a town where the majority of people are conscious of the environment.  It is a very outdoorsy town so the majority of people are involved with physical activity and are pretty healthy if not borderline “too fit”.  There are several vegetarian restaurants and most have a gluten free menu.  There are lots of local farms and fresh vegetables.  Most are pretty liberal thinking and at least try to respect each other’s basic civil rights.  There are acupuncturists, yoga instructors, mystics, mediums, midwives, and doulas abound.  It is a super cool town it fit me perfectly and I loved it!

The town we most recently moved to is about 9,000 people!  Crazy small.  I do not know that much about the people here but from what I have seen out to breakfast and at the grocery store everyone seems very nice.   I’m not sure I am going to fit in though.  They don’t really seem, environmentally conscious, outdoorsy, or liberal.    Cloudy even said “I feel like the black couple that moved into a very white neighborhood and everyone is looking and pointing”.  This is kind of funny because we are definitely white.  But I know what he means and I feel the same way.  Like we don’t belong here and people know it and spot us a mile away.

Here are the silly things that make me feel out of place.

– No one has a website!  No one!  You can’t even check movie times online.  (they aren’t in the paper either)  I don’t get this at all.  Just because you are a small town does not mean that people will not find it convenient to look at your bushiness online.

– You cannot buy sheets here.  (Ok they do have a wal*mart but I refuse to go in there).  We left a set of sheets in the dryer at the old place and we will get them but I wanted some new ones.  I can catalog order them from Penny’s.   Luckily I found our spare flannel set.

– They look at me very strange in restaurants when I ask for aluminum foil instead of a Styrofoam box to take my food home in.  Just wait till I start bringing my own Tupperware


Ok so it’s not that bad.  I am actually having fun riding my bike to work.  I like that my schedule is completely empty and I have time to walk the dogs and make real meals everyday.  We will get used to it and hopefully will fit in in no time (hopefully not?)


I would tell you all about my still rising temperatures even today at 13dpo but I don’t want to jinx it.  If all looks good Saturday I will test!  Maybe I should hold my pee until then to make sure it is nice and concentrated.



11 thoughts on “Simpler Times

  1. Oh lawdy honey – do I know what your husband means about feeling like the black couple that moved into a white town. A couple of times Bub has gotten job offers in places I am far too chicken shit to live in. :/ Good on you… Maybe you can pave the hippie liberal way?

    • I hope I can. I just have to find a tactful way to say “Hey, I know I’m new to your town and all, but I’d like to change everything about it, and you” 🙂

  2. Your chart definitely looks pretty dang gorgeous right now!!

    My town of 1,000 people does not have things like sheets, but we DO have environmentally conscious, liberal people, so it works out. Still, it’s pretty tiny, even for me. 😛

  3. Well, I would tell you all about what I think of your nicely rising temperatures, but I don’t want to jinx it either!

    It’s funny to read about the little things that make you feel out of place in your new home. Sometimes it is the little things like that that make me feel like such an outsider here too …. I hope you start feeling more comfortable as time goes by and you get to know people, and in the meantime, it’s awesome you can bike to work and have more time for the simple pleasures!

  4. It always take time to settle when moving to another town. I have moved around a lot and some places you feel like you fit in almost at once and other places.. well, takes longer to figure out. I hope you will feel more comfortable in a while.

  5. Ahhh we are so much alike! Whenever I got back to my hometown I feel like I am a total snob. All of the restaurants are chains and all of the food is so processed. No one eats organic anything. People drive EVERYWHERE. I have managed to find a few spots there that I frequent when I go home that are closer in line with how I now live. They are becoming more and more common, thankfully! Hopefully that will be the case with you. I can imagine how much of a change it is though. As for your chart, ummm I got the goosebumps from looking at it. I can’t wait until you test tomorrow!!! Good luck!!!

    • That is funny, We are alike. I am really trying not to be a snob about it. I do feel that way though. I like what I like, what can I say?

      I’m excited to test tomorrow too. Today’s temp was even higher!

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