I’m out for a bit.

Hi Friends. I won’t be around the internets for a week or so. I am heading out this afternoon to go to the big city. I am taking my 8 hour professional engineering licensing exam tomorrow, yay!! No, really I am not looking forward to it at all.  I did break down and call the Doc and had her call in a Rx for anti nausea meds.  That’s right the ill is back!  But sitting and answering 80 questions about highway design and bridge loading while thinking about blowing chunks is not my ideal day.  So I’m taking the drugs.

Saturday we are flying to Wisconsin to hang out with some of Cloudy’s friends and family.  Going to the Packer Game on Sunday and taking the niece and nephews trick-or-treating on Wednesday.  I’ll be home next Thursday night though so I will be all up in your business again very soon.

Love you guys!!