Hey it’s Me!

So it is harder than I thought it was going to be to..

Study for a Licencing Exam

Pack up all of my belongings and move them 150 miles

Remodel our home and get it rented or sold

Find a new place to live

Have sex every other night

Post a photo everyday

Keep you all informed


All in a few weeks time.  The worst part of it all is that I have let blogging fall to the back burner even though it helps me with everything else and even though you are all there for me without fail.  My loyalty should be to you.   But one by one the balls are dropping.  Turns out I am no juggler.  We have been going back and forth spending two or three days a week in the new location and then furiously trying to get our house in shape for someone else to live in when we leave.     But Saturday is the big day.  The movers are coming and we are going.  Things should start to settle in and down by next week and then I will hopefully be able to rejoin the world of the blogging.

I think the egg popped out last Friday on CD 13 and the sperm was happily awaiting it’s arrival so we shall see!

The bad news is that Mr Needles reached out to his community and cannot find an acupuncturist within 100 miles of my new town.  I’m bummed because even if I decide to move on to IUI I still wanted to have it acupuncture assisted.   I want one for other things too like head colds and aches and pains.  I want my needles!   He has me set up on a herb regimin that I can repeat monthly so hopefully that will help.  I will likely do that for a couple of months while I look into my other options here.

That is all for now!  LOVE HUGS and WISHES to you all.  I hope your ovaries are all being kind this week.



7 thoughts on “Hey it’s Me!

  1. I was about to check on you again if I didn’t see a blog post from you in the next few days. 🙂 You have been super busy! I always prefer being busy though because it makes the time pass by faster. I hope you can find a new acupuncturist in your new area! Good luck with the move. Can’t wait for more updates once you are all settled!

  2. It’s okay to put all that other crap load of stuff first! We’ll be waiting my dear. Just hang in there and hopefully everything will fall into place. Just make your priority list and check things off one by one. And in between you can have fun in the sack!

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