You Warm My Heart

Ladies.  Whatever you are doing right now, please stop and take a moment to acknowledge how completely amazing you really are. 

Seriously.  I never expected to find such amazingly caring and supoortive people.  YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

You all get human of the year award. 

This is all to say thank you for your comments on my post yesterday.  As they were rolling in I could feel my strength building.  Between you and my animals and my super sweet husband I was able to pull myself off the floor and dry my eyes long enough to seek out carbs and dairy.  All of these things are helping. 

To be honest, I am still a blob of sad.  But I am no longer a blob of hopelessness.  You all helped me to see that it isn’t over and that I can keep going.  You have so lovingly reminded me that I am not alone and I am not out of options. 

Thanks friends.  Celebrate yourself today.



11 thoughts on “You Warm My Heart

  1. Too bad you live so gosh darn far away!!! The feeling is completely mutual. I am constantly amazed by the loving support from everyone in this community. From picking me up when I am down and out to helping cheer me on. You my dear, are a ray of sunshine!! Thank you so much for being here and being you!

  2. You are sweet. I just want to comment on your other post and let you know that where you are is right where you should be. It took me two years (clomid, femara, & IUI) to get to the dreaded IVF place. It was a horrible feeling to know I was not going to get the ‘natural’ pregnancy I assumed I would have – what everyone else gets. You have been trying for a long time in comparrison to fertile women. Two years is a long ass time to be trying for something that should come easily and fail over and over. It’s tiring, heartbreaking and can really hurt your intimacy. Those things wear on you and can break you down. Thinking about IVF (or even medicated cycles) is a big step in every way. You have to be emotionally ready to throw in the towel with what you had been trying.
    I remember when I finally had had enough of temping, opks, and timed sex…and we made the decision to get real help. It was a relief. We were doing something different – heading away from things that were not working. Maybe you are reaching that point.
    Somewhere along the line you will find acceptance in this possible new path and may find that your spirit is hopeful again. I wish that for you.

    Hang in there and know you have support in whatever path you take.

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