Moving is an excellent distraction

Along with trying to move in the next three weeks we are trying to get our house spiffed up for either new buyers or tennants.  And by spiffed up I pretty much mean remodeled.  We tore the whole bathroom apart over the long US holiday weekend and were not able to get it back together again so I stayed home yesterday while two plubmers put it back together for us.  We are furiously painting, ordering carpet, and finishing up all the projects we started over the years but never finished.  And I must say, the house is looking awesome! 

Because of all of that, the last two weeks have been a fury of work and decision making and stress eyeball.  Maybe the hardest two weeks I have had in a little while.  BUT!  It has been the fastest and easiest two week wait ever.  Here I am 11 days past ovulation and it is the first time I have thought about it in several days.  I actually had to enter the last 4 days of temperatures into my BBT this morning.  (I use my phone for my alarm every day so when it goes off I record my temerature in my calendar app and then usually enter it into my chart once I’ve had a cup of tea and am awake  enough to make sense of it all)  And here we are already on the verge of another weekend which will be filled with work and distraction and then I will test on Monday if my temp is still up and my period hasn’t come. 

I am pulling my hair out with all we have to do in the next few weeks but I am also so grateful to be crazy about something else for a change!


6 thoughts on “Moving is an excellent distraction

  1. Yay for getting all that stuff done around the house. It reminds me of the show on HGTV called Designed to Sell. They always fix the houses up so nice, I wonder why the people still want to move!

    Your chart does look amazing! I can’t wait for an update on Monday!!! 🙂 Crossing my fingers for you!!

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