Back Off Blogger

Dear Blogger,

You are home to some very awesome blogs.  Blogs that I love to read.  Blogs that I desire to comment on.  How can i give proper support to those in my inner circle if you keep pushing me out?!   I am happy and bright, but I will burn you if you don’t let me comment!   Please!

Love, Sunshine

Sorry ladies I notice that my commenting skills are like my ovulation skills.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doens’t, regardless of my efforts.   Please know that I am doing my best to get through to you with a kind and supportive if not hilarious and poignant comment. 

(seriously blogger, I’m making mad face at you!)


8 thoughts on “Back Off Blogger

  1. Dude. Interpreting Blogger’s comment security is akin to interpreting the Rosetta Stone. My record is six. Six times I failed to accurately note the correct characters.

  2. Agree with above – it irritates me! This morning I had to fish you out of spam comments! WTF? Not my Sunshine!

    And mysteriously I woke up to less blogs on my ‘to read’ list, which I did not do… a BIG wtf..

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