Men are Easy

Happy Monday Morning!

This weekend we worked around the house trying to make progress on the 70 or so house projects we have started but not finished over the last three years.  We are masters of picking  a project, making a supplies list, and spending a ton of money at the home improvement box store.  We are also really great at taking things apart, tearing things down, and cutting holes in things.  We are not so good at taking a project to completion.  But this weekend we made plenty of headway.  Upstairs in our house we have two bedrooms and a bathroom.  And it is almost completely remodeled!  All we have left now is new carpet (which I will gladly pick out and then pay someone else to install)  and new tile in the bathroom (which we can hopefully get to next weekend)  But it looks so amazing up there!  We put the finishing touches on the three closets we built, put the last bit of paint on the walls, and finally finished putting up all new trim.  These three things have been in various stages of completion for about a year now.  We also started painting the living room and ripping out the old trim to also be replaced.  I even took our ceiling fans down and spray-painted them and they look fantastic!  It feels good to be getting things done.

Anyway, back to the men are easy part. …

I usually have some pain or tenderness in my ovaries around ovulation and on saturday it was in full swing.  Little pangs here and there, first the left side and then the right.  That is weird because it is generally just one sided.  Anywhoo I was excited about this pain because it was day 13!  How awesome and fertile that makes me sound.  I had already informed Cloudy that he would be getting lucky every night this weekend and he was happy to play along. 

In the middle of painting and Cloudy sawing and nailing I went to the bathroom and noticed a copious amount of egg white cervical mucus.  I pondered for a moment putting on pretty panties and seducing my husband but instead I went for the less subtle approach.

Sunshine:  “hey, my ovaries hurt and my mucus is egg whitey.  I think we should do it right now” 

Cloudy: “really, right now?”  hammer in hand

Sunshine: “yep, is that too much pressure?”

Cloudy: “nope”

The clothes come off.  Men are easy.  That line would’ve never worked on a woman! 

We did it friday night and last night too for good measure.  Lo and behold my temperature was up today!  Yes, let the waiting commence.



6 thoughts on “Men are Easy

  1. We are twins!

    1) My house has been in various stages of remodel for 3 years. There are literally spots where painting tape has been up for a year plus.

    2). In the middle of one of our more motivated remodeling sessions, I was ovulating so we took everything off and did it in the paint-soaked hallway.

    I’m feeling very good about this egg of yours, very good.

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