Testing Early is for sucks!

It’s Monday the 13th, it’s rainy, it’s cycle day 1. I should have stayed in bed.

Yep this cycle was a bust, despite the weeks of sex, despite the amazing looking BBT.

As you know on Friday my temperature was up but my test was negative, Saturday same thing… high temp negative test. You would think that would have clued me in but I wanted it so bad that I convinced myself it must be a false negative. This is my first cycle testing before CD 15 and I am not a fan. It would be fantastic if I would just take the test results at face value and move on, have my glass of wine and enjoy it. But no, negative test in hand I still held out hope, I still drank lemonade at the party. All so that I could wake up to a dropping temperature and cramps on Sunday morning. Cloudy asked how my temperature was and I said it was down, he said not to worry it was probably because I had woken up early to take care of a puking dog. I didn’t need any more tests, I knew. I couldn’t get back into bed because I was sad and I knew Cloudy just wouldn’t get it. I did not feel like being cheered up. So I headed downstairs and cried my eyes out for a little while. Then I got off the couch and took a shot of chocolate syrup, yep right out of the bottle, yep it helped a little. This morning my temp took a nose dive and my period started bright red bright and early.

So there you have it. Monday Blues, big time.



13 thoughts on “Testing Early is for sucks!

  1. Oh rats. So sorry, girlie. 😦 I was thinking about you all weekend. I was hoping and praying that you would be springing some happy news today. I am so sorry about getting your period. That freaking sucks. What a rotten way to wake up. I wish I could say something to cheer you up. Just know I am thinking about you. Hugs.

  2. Oh bugger it all. I am so sorry. Bleargh. Onward and upward is all we can do. I don’t know why but I am feeling very hopeful about the next cycle for both of us. Last month I was a negative nelly, but this month I am feeling very hopeful. I hope you are looking after yourself, lots of treats needed.

  3. Oh crap! so sorry to have to read this update. Hugs and warm thoughts coming your way, take care of yourself and do whatever you need to get through the coming days.

    • Thank you and nice to meet you. I will be cashing in on snuggles at every opportunity . I just started catching up on your blog and can’t wait to find out more about your story.

  4. I quite like your shot of chocolate syrup. I might have to adopt that at some point. I’m sorry that this wasn’t the month you had hoped it would be. I can only wish for a better greater outcome for you next month. Hang in there.

  5. Crap. 😦 I’ve been reading along with your cycle and just finally getting caught up – this is not the post I was hoping to read. *sigh* Hang in there hon – this WILL happen for you!! I gave up on not drinking before the BFP – it just stressed me out more to be trying to explain away the lemonade instead of beer in my hand. πŸ™‚

    • That’s a good call. I probably go two weeks without drinking all the time, but when it feels forced, it is so much harder! Maybe I will just play it by ear and if I want a glass of wine I will have one and not let that decision run the rest of my night. Thanks!

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