Good morning.

Well I peed.  Only one line showed up.  Big Fat Negative.  I am not in despair yet though.  I think it might be wrong.  My temperature was down slightly yesterday but is back up today and it usually starts to drop by now.

I don’t have any symptoms really except maybe slightly tender breasts.  My mood has been stable which is not usually the case if flo is coming.   I have some little twinges in my uterus every couple of minutes but nothing like cramping.  It feels more like an “I’m here”  message bursting through my tissues.

Or maybe I’m just a false hope-r to the end.

All I know for sure is that at 12dpo in this particular cycle it wasn’t enough to see a positive.

What should I do now?  Wait for my period to come or test everyday until I am sure?



4 thoughts on “Inconclusive

  1. Your chart looks so promising! I would definitely say that there is still hope for this cycle. What type of test did you use? Was it FMU? I was previously in a support group with women who had losses around the time that I had my first and I remember one girl in particular who didn’t get a positive until 16 dpo for her rainbow and that was a viable pregnancy. I am staying optimistic for you!!! 🙂

    • I used a First Response test. The other thing I forgot to mention is that I was laying there about 4am and had to pee and was trying to hold it but eventually went so that I could sleep. Tested 2 hours later so that might be part of the problem. Why didn’t I test at 4am you ask? I don’t know, foolish I guess! Thanks for the optimism and the story of a positive at 16dpo. That makes me feel really good actually.

      • I have been known to pee in a cup in the middle of the night if I had to go really bad and then stash the cup in the tub until the AM when I was more awake. I had to make sure I shut out my curious cats though. Haha.

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