10 Distractions

I am in the home stretch (what does that mean?) It’s test eve, I have successfully managed to change my plan of testing on monday, to sunday, to tomorrow! SO I have about 20 hrs left to distract myself and I am going to make a list of things to keep me busy until then.

There are several things I could do…

  • plan healthy meals for next week and make a grocery list
  • actually focus at my job
  • study for my impending professional licensing test
  • pick the cat hair off of my pants one at a time

But let’s not kid ourselves, I will most likely not do any of those things today.   Here are some better ideas.

    1. research any and all ways to incorporate chocolate into my weight loss program
    2. an hour of yoga and breathing exercises
    3. take my time picking out the perfect bottle of red and white wine (if I’m not pregnant i’ll be prepared and if I am, I can take them to my girlfriend’s get together Saturday night)
    4. comb through the library shelves and check out 4 or 5 books even though I usually only read one before they are due back, ooh I should get some audio books too
    5. watch the Jamaican’s run their asses off and stare in amazement (I was a sprinter in highschool and did decent for a white girl so watching these guys smash world records is pretty amazing to me)
    6. look at every pee stick and BBT chart of every woman before me to see if anyone has one exactly like mine
    7. print out colored photos of everyone mentioned in Jenny’s Do Him List and hang them on my cubicle wall so that I can narrow it down to 5 once and for all
    8. throw an impromptu dance party for one, or two if Cloudy seems game
    9. eat a really fattening delicious meal, because hey there is a very small chance that I am pregnant and the baby (a few cells big at this point) will surely need the extra calories today
    10. sleep (oh please let me sleep tonight, waking up to pee tomorrow is like going to Disney Land)

I have acupuncture today too!  that will help.  Any other ideas?  What am I missing?



3 thoughts on “10 Distractions

  1. Hahahaha! You crack me up. I love your list! I do the same thing with the chart comparing. I am chart junkie. I think you pretty much have a solid mount of things to do, my friend.

    I am so excited for you! I have a really good feeling about this!! Can’t wait until tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. “look at every pee stick and BBT chart of every woman before me to see if anyone has one exactly like mine” guilty as charged!!! my favorite thing to do!!!!

    • Hey Lovely, I really need to catch up so that I can get to the part where you are tracking charts now? So you are trying to make babies! Fun! And it’s not going so well? Nothing easy for you girl, I’m sorry. You’ve come to the right place.

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