What’s Worse?

Not knowing yet if you are pregnant or knowing for sure that you aren’t?  I think 9, 10, and 11 days after ovulating are the worst.  The relief of ovulating has worn off and the signs just aren’t there yet to tell you anything.  I think I am in the camp that prefers bad news to no news.   I just want to know!

Yesterday was a weird day.  I started the day feeling great, laughing even, (which is definitely not normal for me on a monday morning), by noon I was sad and crying, and then by the evening….oh boy.  I was irritable and impatient and Cloudy and I got into a huge loud-talking match.  It was ugly, all because he told me to go to the grocery store because he was going on a bike ride.  “Excuse me, who do you think you are?”  There is  a chance that if he would have made this statement on cycle day 5 or 6 I would have said “Ok, see you at home”.  Maybe if I kept a print out of my chart on the fridge or if he could see it on an app on his phone he would know what days to just stay clear or be extra nice.  Also, my boobs were super imaginary sore yesterday.  So I thought between the soreness and the moodiness I was doomed to see flo in a few days.  But today all of that is gone.  I feel happy and patient and my boobs are fine.  I listened to my circle and bloom visualization last night and it was for implantation and since then I have been having imaginary implantation pains.  My BBT looks pretty good but not definitive.  So once again I am in no knowing land for a few more days!

What do you ladies think is worse, no news or bad news?



9 thoughts on “What’s Worse?

  1. Yes, the men should have an app for knowing where we are in the cycle. I agree those days are worse, before you really can know, but even so, for me bad news is better than being in limbo as strange as it sounds. Best wishes for this to work!

  2. I, for one, would rather have the bad news. Limbo sucks. I hope, however, in your case that there is no bad news coming and it will all be worth the uncomfortable wait.

  3. I always feel like no news is worse. Especially when it comes to the tww. I feel like if I know the outcome, then I can deal with it and move on. Waiting is the worst. Also if you know the outcome, you can have that glass of wine and a nice sashimi to go with it. 🙂 Now ask me why I wait until I miss my period to test and I will tell you I have no idea!!

    P.S. Your chart looks great! I had no symptoms this time around except some fake boob pain here and there and a few bouts of mood swings which I attributed to PMS.. When are you testing? I am so excited to hear updates!!!

    • Right! Give me the information and I will move forward with it. I don’t ever test early either, we are funny creatures.

      I think I am going to test Friday morning….

  4. Bad news. Any form of waiting is absolute bullshit. Just TELL me already, sheesh.

    HA! They SHOULD invent an app that will sync up to your temps, where you are in your cycle – and immediately text your husband “STAY AT WORK LATE.”

  5. lol I prepare the other half for the impending crazy to come by sending a screenshot of the app I use that gives details of my cycle days. In the event of a crazy meltdown I remind him that he should have known that day was going to be a doozy.

    I’m also a glutton for punishment because I get trigger shots every cycle and insist on testing them out. I do agree that days 9-11 are pure torture though.

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