8 Days Down

Have you ladies seen this site before?  You can click on the image itself to check it out.  It shows data for every day after ovulation.  The cool part is that it only shows tests from pregnant women so it really reinforces the false negative of testing too early.  The chart shown here is for 8dpo which is where I am currently. It pretty much says, don’t test today idiot.  I need that kind of reinforcement right about now.  But it does have me thinking I should maybe test Thursday or Friday instead of Sunday……  I mean I have all this pee and nothing to do with it.

I went to the lady parts Dr today and I was certified a woman for another year.  I would think by now they could be pretty sure I’m not going to grow testicles or anything,  I guess they have to check.  She said I am in peak health and not to worry about anything.  Great, I guess I will “just relax” then.  “Thanks for warming up the speculum, see you next year!”

Here’s another fun one.



4 thoughts on “8 Days Down

  1. Fertility Friend has something similar that I always obsess over. For some reason I am obsessed with charts and data (I am an analyst by profession)! Pregnancy related charts and graphs are especially interesting to me for some reason. 🙂

    • I think we just want something to help us feel like everything is going ok in there. I make my own BBT charts because I like them to look just so. Anytime I show them to a new doctor they say “what do you do for a living” “I’m an engineer” “ahhh! that makes sense” embarrassing.

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