Goals – August 2012

Current Goals:

  • Take and pass the exam that will give me my professional engineering license so that I can move up in my current job.
  • Sell my rental property that is 6 hours away and a real pain in the tookus.
  • Make a happy healthy Baby!!!
  • Loose 15 pounds.
  • Move into town.

How I’m doing:

It’s no wonder I never accomplish anything.  My goals usually take longer than a month to realize and I get bored faster than that.  In going back and reading my goals I am already bored with them.  Well except making a baby.  That is still exciting.  I still want all of the other things but motivation is seriously lacking and I can’t bring myself to do much in the way of moving forward with them.

I still want my PE license because it will mean a raise and more job security.  But seriously? BORING.  I have been studying a bit, but October still seems far enough away that I am procrastinating more than studying.  Part of my problem is that there is so much material I need to refresh myself on that it seems over whelming.  I need to create a study schedule and stick to it.

The house is not generating much interest, and to be fair I’m not sure what more I can be doing.  It’s just going to take the right buyer I suppose.  Not a very active goal and…BORING

With the never ending twists and turns in baby making my body is keeping me guessing and holding my interest.  I’m trying not to make this 2 ww consumed with thoughts of what is or isn’t going on in my fallopian tubes but I am not doing very well.  I think about it every 3 min or so.  The good news is that my temperature was still up today so that is looking good.  12 days to go unless flo comes early again.

Cloudy likes to say things like “Pink is the new Black” or “40 is the new 20” (since he is turning 40 this year).  When I stepped on the scale yesterday I caught myself saying “140 is the new 130”.  That last 10 lbs has decided to hold tight.  It’s not budging.  To be fair, I am not working that hard at it.  My clothes fit well again, my big jeans are even too big again.  I feel good about how I look actually.  Well good enough that strict dieting and workout regimens don’t sound worth it.  I have been swimming but not really pushing myself.  Mostly just dragging my butt back and forth through the water a few times before I grab my book and head for the sunshine or the soaking tub.  We are getting our CSA and I have made lots of new delicious good-for-us recipes with the fresh veggies.  I am loving that.  I am also drinking warm water with lemon throughout the day because I heard it will make the body more alkaline and thus more friendly for sperm, and it supposedly helps with digestion and weight loss.  It’s tastes good and is easy enough that I think I can stick with it for a while.

We are still waiting to hear about the job Cloudy applied for that would cause us to move before we start looking into moving closer to the town we are in now.  He had the first of two interviews yesterday and should hear about final interviews by the end of the week.  With as slow as the system  is we will hopefully know more in a few weeks to a month.  I asked Cloudy “Don’t you wish you could just wait a week and then pee on a stick that would magically revel ‘job’ or ‘no job’?”  He did not get it…….

That’s all for now on my lazy ass and my boring goals.  Maybe I should make up some new goals, really fun exciting ones that I will love sticking too.



8 thoughts on “Goals – August 2012

    • You now, I don’t know. I think they recommend warm water because it is more easily absorbed by the body but I don’t know how true that is. It’s been working for me because my office is freezing. I would guess you are still getting all the great benefits of the lemon. Do you think it’s been helping the way yo are taking it?

  1. Haha! Don’t you feel like everything should now have a 2ww? So funny how we get trained like that! I feel you on the goals. I have lots of shorter term ones but no long term ones. You are farther than me in that department! I hope Cloudy hears back good news on the job front and maybe you have some good news in a few days, too. 😉 P.S. I am trying the lemon water thing next cycle!!

    • Yes, I can’t help but put everything into the two week time frame. If it is enough time to make a baby surely it should be enough time for everything else. Maybe I need some short term goals….. Let me know what you think of the lemon water.

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