No More Licorice For Me

My temperature was way up today 97.71 so a definite jump from 97.05 yesterday.  I’m going to hope that it is still up tomorrow and assume that I ovulated.  Whew it is about time!  I’m on cycle day 24 today.  Cloudy and I have had sex 10 out of the last 16 days so I know I am filled to the brim with sperm.  If this egg makes it past all those egg seeking missiles than it will be a shame that it won’t amount to much because it would be one hell of a slalom skier or  dodge ball champion or something.  But I’m hoping that it’s dodging skills aren’t so hot and that it gets tagged and penetrated.  Sorry egg, but it is the only way.  Either way I will not know for about two weeks.  Let the crazy begin.  I am not looking forward to the drop in estrogen and the rise in progesterone.  I realize that it is an unnecessary evil just like getting out of bed in the morning but it never feels good.  Being all full of estrogen and sleeping till noon every day is my latest take on what heaven (or retirement) hold for me.  In any case, that is where I am at with this fun fertility stuff.

I am still somewhat in the dark as to why it took me so long to ovulate this month.  The only two things I did differently were to take the licorice root and have a bunch of unprotected sex.  Last I checked, having sex was not the way to prevent conception so it’s got to be the licorice right?!  Maybe, it could also be the pressure I put on myself now that we are officially trying again.  It was possibly that my herbs from needle guy were too yin for too long.  I saw him on Friday and he helped soo much.  My ovaries had been hurting for a week and I was starting to panic that I had a big hairy cyst in there robbing the nest.  When I went in to my appointment and told needle guy about the pain and the fact that i hadn’t ovulated yet, he went right to work.  On the table he palpated my ovaries one at a time and I told him where the pain was and how sever it was.  Then he pressed on one point at a time in my foot and leg and palpated the corresponding ovary again.  To my surprise he found points he could press with his finger to make the pain stop completely.  One on my inner left shin made the left ovary feel better and one on my right foot made the right ovary feel better.  It was amazing.  So he put needles in those points and a few others for good measure and I did my part by resting and visualizing healing and ovulating.  When I left I had a red sore spot on my foot from the needle but my ovaries felt great!!  No more fear of a big hairy cyst, just hope.  He also showed me where to rub if the pain came back.  He sent me off with herbs to nourish the yang this time and hopefully get my temp where it is supposed to be.  Two days of nasty tea and viola! Ovulation!

In any case I am not taking the licorice again, I just have a feeling that it screwed everything up.



8 thoughts on “No More Licorice For Me

    • Thank you, I just do it in Excel. I do like it though, much prettier than FF and the others that I have found. But I’m a chart nerd. I kind of get a funny look whenever I show these to a new doctor. They don’t usually say anything but their eyebrow scream “Anal!”

  1. Wow I hadn’t thought about acupuncture for infertility. I haven’t tried any complementaries as I’d assumed they couldn’t help us if we didn’t know what was wrong that needed fixing? I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!

    • Thank you for the fingers and toes! If you are interested than I would recommend the book “The Infertility Cure” – by Randine Lewis as a place to start. “Fully Fertile” is another great one. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Wow…that is a lot of sex my friend! I love your visualization of the eggs/sperm…very cute. I am so glad to see that your temp went up, too! Wasn’t the licorice supposed to help you ovulate sooner? Isn’t it odd how sometimes these things that we take that are supposed to help us actually don’t help us at all!? I hope that today brings another higher temp and that this is your month. We need some good news around here! Good luck, lady!

    • It is a lot. I’m not going to lie, I am glad to have the assurance that we did all that we could and we did have some fun, but going to sleep last night and not so much as cuddling felt fabulous!! hehe

      The licorice was supposed to make me ovulate sooner and stronger. So much for that theory, in my body at least.

      Temp is still up today! We totally need some good news, I keep waiting for someone to post the big one.

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