Making the Time

To hopefully make a baby.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine adding a baby to our lives.  We are already so crazy busy.  We both work full time.  We are very active dog parents, we walk them everyday rain or shine and now we take 20 min three times a day to feed bear and give him his medication.  I teach 2 yoga classes a week.  We are remodeling our house.  And we are both fairly active people, Cloudy is not fun to be around if he hasn’t been on his bike in a few days.  I actually think something needs to give, I feel like the life we are leading is not sustainable.  We need to cut back.  The problem is I don’t know what to cut.  I will not stop taking care of the dogs or teaching yoga.  And really, in this society, it’s hard to justify working part time if you don’t have kids.  In all likely hood I will go down to 20-30 hours a week at work if we have a baby.  I will need that time to come from something.  It feels like I can have either enough time or enough money and I have to choose.  When it comes to my children I think I will choose time, but not having the money for babies is a real problem too.

Anyway, that is not actually what I set down to write about.  I was not thinking about not having time to raise children.  I was actually writing to say that it feels like I don’t even have enough time to MAKE children.  I mean it should only take 12 min tops, right?!   And I bet we could cut it down to much less time, if you know what I mean.  But it isn’t as simple as finding a potent minute man.  For me it means taking the time to get to acupuncture, taking the time to simmer my herbs for an hour and drink them 3 times a day, taking the time to do moxa, and castor oil packs and visualizations, and yoga, and finding that perfect balance of diet and exercise, and taking my temperature everyday and making sure I am taking the right supplements based on what day I am at in my cycle.  THEN I have to make the time for Cloudy’s six minute contribution, and it better be on the right day dammit.   And that is where I am, lucky cycle day 13.  Hopefully, the right day is today or tomorrow or the next day but I have no idea (see how fun this is) and my other priorities are not letting up.  But they have to, I need to make the time for this because it is important to us.  So I went to acupuncture yesterday and am following all the other rules.  In order to make the time Cloudy and I are taking tomorrow off so that we can leave town tonight and head off in our camper van.  We are making the time to be together and be in nature and in Love.  We are going to drive and eat and hike and have sex.

It has to work right?


13 thoughts on “Making the Time

  1. You are so right. It is already hard to find a few minutes to have sex. How are we going to have time for a baby?! I guess you just make it work, right? I think that is an issue that we would both be happy with having to deal with. 🙂 Have fun this weekend! Baby making time!!!

  2. Umm, driving and eating and having sex sounds AMAZING. I would totally invite myself if I could do it without making it sound like I was looking for an orgy.

    You are a busy lady! I am but a couch potato by comparison. I’m sure when the time comes the thing that has to give will become obvious and practically volunteer itself.

  3. Have fun… remember that so many millions of people conceive without millions of appts and supplements and extra things 🙂 Love is the best way xoxo

    • What does that even mean? Love is the best way? Love for our unborn children is the REASON that so many of us go through so much to bring our children into our lives. Of course we’d like to easily get pregnant after a bottle of wine and some lovemaking – it just isn’t always that easy.

    • She definitely knows, I don’t think that is what she was getting at. We all go different routes based on our own lives and own conditions. And we all do it with the motivator of love. I don’t want to speak for Dandelion but I believe she was just being supportive of my weekend away from all the stuff I do to make it work.

  4. It can seem overwhelming at times, for sure, but it will all be worth it! Somehow you just find the time when the kiddo comes. That’s the least of your worries I’d say. 🙂

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