Taking my Ovaries to Telluride

Today is day six of my cycle and I started the licorice root yesterday.  Hopefully it will do something!!  It does taste just like licorice but it’s really strong and so gross.  I wonder if I could just eat black jelly beans instead?  Just kidding, I know it’s important to eat a good balance of all the colors.

Anyway since next week is the big week with all the hard work and all the sex I thought it might be best to give my ovaries a little treat and take them on a peaceful vacation.  So I am meeting my bestie and a bunch of amazing women friends in Telluride for their annual yoga festival!!  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year and hopefully I will sneak in a few short posts while I’m there to share some of the awesomeness with you but if not I will be back and ready to blog and procreate on Monday.  The plan is to rest and soak up knowledge from the greats and estrogen from friends in an effort to fully prepare my self mentally and physically for this official round of baby making.

With that I better go pack and hit the road but I’ll leave you with this random amazingness since I just heard of them on TV last night.

Have a great weekend ladies!!


6 thoughts on “Taking my Ovaries to Telluride

  1. Sounds like an amazing vacation! One of my best friend’s goes out to Telluride (t’s basically her spiritual retreat) several times a year and she’s always telling me to come along. Must. Do.

    That video is crazy… I can do all of that.

  2. So so sorry to hear about your recent cycle… and so sorry that I’m behind on your news 😦 I hope your upcoming yoga treat brings peace and good vibes for your upcoming cycle. Thinking of you hun xoxo

  3. Oh I wish I could take my ovaries and come with you, it was too long ago I went to a yoga retreat. It’s such a lovely atmosphere. Have fun!

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