Not feeling hopeful anymore

I don’t know gals.  2 weeks is a long time to keep the hope up.  Doubt starts creeping in no matter how hard I fight it.  I wish I didn’t feel this way but I am feeling pretty negative about everything today.  This chart says it all.  The purple line is my cycle that resulted in pregnancy and the green line is this month which seems to be falling further and further away from good news (since I didn’t ovulate until day 17 I had to move the purple line over to show a better comparison).   And what is with that super low section from day 12-16  when I should have ovulated?  Not much else to say, I will just keep temping and test on Sunday if my temp is still above the cover line.   The good news is that we are finally getting some desperately needed rain but this weather just makes me feel like crying.


7 thoughts on “Not feeling hopeful anymore

  1. I can’t say much more than how sorry I am. Big hugs my lovely. The weather here is terrible too. We are having the wettest summer since records began, and you are right, it really doesn’t help one’s mood. Thank you for all your support recently, it is all so appreciated.

  2. Hang in there. Hopefully those temps will stay up for a good long time! If not, at least this was a good cycle and you’re ovulating on your own. That’s great news!

  3. The chart overylay feature is evil! I have been overlaying my charts for the past several days. The only pregnancy that I have charted was triphasic so I am not sure if all of my charts need to be triphasic in pregnancy now? Who knows. I hope your temps start going back up again. The 2ww is brutal and tempting HPTs make it even worse. AF came today so I am out for sure. On the the next cycle. I hope you have better luck than me! Still crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Oh I’m sorry you are not feeling that hopeful. I second what Josey said though, if nothing else (which suck) you had a good cycle with ovulation.

  5. Ugh …… although I said earlier that I preferred getting the news from the temp drop rather than from a slew of neggies, that doesn’t mean it’s not painful. I hope though that yesterday was just a natural fluctuation rather than the start of a big dip. Let us know what you see today, as I’m sure you will!

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