My boobs are imaginary sore

Alternatively I could have titled this post:  Knowledge is power, or is it?

So my boobs do feel a little bit sore and have actually for a couple of days.  I mention this because it either means that I am pregnant or that my period is coming,  Well thanks boobs, I already knew that!!!  So which is it?  I also think they are possibly sore because I have made them out to be that way in my mind.  Have I been expecting this side effect with so much fervor that it is actually only my mind creating this lovely symptom for me?  Or in other words: the 2 week crazies have a hold of me again.

The other thing that I am doing that I shouldn’t be doing, is tediously comparing this cycle to the last cycle that did produce a pregnancy.  I know that every cycle is it’s own unique unfolding and that every pregnancy is different.  In fact, I want my next pregnancy to be different enough from the last one that I get an entirely different outcome.  But I am still comparing and it is messing with my mind.  For instance my boobs usually don’t get sore before my period.   The only two times in my life that I experienced this were the cycle I got pregnant, and the cycle right before that when I didn’t.  Ahhh, do you see how maddening this is?

The other thing I keep comparing is my BBT to the one from the month I got pregnant.  And of course they are a little bit different.  In that one I had what looks like a second increase in temps after implantation and that started 11dpo which will be tomorrow and I know if I don’t see a higher temp tomorrow I am going to be worried.  Knowledge can in fact be down right shitty.

So I’m crazy today, and in the time that I have written this post I have gotten kind of sad and weepy.  Oooh emotional, maybe that is a sign that I am either pregnant or about to start my period!  Fabulous…..


5 thoughts on “My boobs are imaginary sore

  1. I have had super sore boobs this month as well. But each month I forget just how sore my boobs get before my period arrives, so I find myself saying, every month, I am sure my boobs weren’t THIS sore last month…. hummm maybe I am pregnant. They were and I am not. Gah, the tricks we play on ourselves. I hope on this occasion the sore boobs are the right kind of sore boobs for both of us!

  2. My boobs are imaginary sore, too! I have also overlayed my chart many times with my cart and the charts of others. I am also guilty of doing way too much chart surfing and looking at positive pregnancy tests. Why do I do this to myself?!?!

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