Goals July 2012

So I am a day behind but luckily my goals haven’t’ changed from yesterday to today.  I want to check in with my goals that I started in June and see if I have made any progress.

Current Goals:

  • Take and pass the exam that will give me my professional engineering license so that I can move up in my current job.
  • Sell my rental property that is 6 hours away and a real pain in the tookus.
  • Make a happy healthy Baby!!!
  • Loose 15 pounds.
  • Move into town.

How I’m doing:

My application to take the PE was accepted!!! That’s great except that now I have to study.   I bought books and practice problems to start studying.  I have them all sitting on my desk with the plan to study for an hour or two each day.  So far I have not really committed this much time but I have started going through the material in an attempt to prime  my brain.  It is not as sharp as it was right out of college and it is going to take a serious effort to dust it off and get it running properly again.  Just going through the background and support chapter has me a little intimidated.  It’s a start.

I found out that my tenants cancelled all of the showings that were scheduled at my property.  I was so mad.  Luckily as of yesterday they are gone so hopefully now that it is vacant there will be lots of showings and it will sell quickly.   The only problem is that now I need to find someone to take care of the yard and mow the lawn once a week so that it looks good on the outside.  I keep saying “When I sell the house next week…”  Maybe I should start saying this week 🙂

I may be into the third week of 40 on goal number 3!  This is the most exciting progress of all.  I am feeling pretty good about it.  I have one week of the dreadful 2 week wait done and gone.  Currently in this moment I am not feeling too crazy about it but that could all change by the time I hit publish.  All of you wise wise blog women have convinced my to wait to test so I won’t really have any more news on this front until Sunday.  I will most definitely keep you informed on this one!

As far as my weight loss goal this one probably has the best effort/results ratio.   I am down 5 pounds in the last month which I am very excited about since I have not put any effort into this goal at all.  I have not been very active since I have been out of town and then trying to keep up with my dogs medication schedule.  I have not been putting an effort into healthy eating and quite frankly haven’t really been eating very much at all.  This is probably the reason for my success but I don’t think that sad and stressed and tired is a very sustainable healthy diet program.  I am so used to working out on my lunch hour that when I had to give that up to go home and take care of the dog I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to work out ever again.   (I get a little over dramatic sometimes)  When I decided to be more realistic I determined that for now while it is so light out so late that I can go to the gym or the pool after work for an hour or so.  This works really well actually because Cloudy can ride his bike and we can still carpool.  The doggie doesn’t need his evening meds until 8:30 so we have plenty of time to get home and eat and not worry about him.  Tonight I am going swimming and I can’t wait.   Also our CSA begins this week so starting on wed we will have fresh local produce to eat!!  I am going to try and plan meals around what veggies we get in order to make sure that we are eating well and nothing goes to waste.

Moving to town may or may not be on hold.  Cloudy actually applied for a job last week that could possibly move us a few hours away from where we are. I am trying to go with the flow and not stress this one.  It would be a great job and it would allow me to work part time if when we have a baby.  That would be great.  But I am not excited about the town we would be moving to and I would miss so much of my life here.  We will see where that goes.  It is a promotion in the organization we currently work for and he has already spoken with the the hiring manager.  I think his chances of being offered the job are really good but it might come down to negotiations of salary and the potential to move back here in a couple of years.  Mostly I am just kind of tired of thinking about how this will play out so I am just open to what comes.

I don’t really have any new goals to add to the list this month so I am going to just keep moving forward and I look forward to seeing where I am at with these things in august.


3 thoughts on “Goals July 2012

  1. Sounds like you are doing great with a lot of these goals! Good luck with your studies and that pesky two-week wait … fingers crossed for the happiest of results at the end of it.

    We get a CSA basket too and I love how easy it makes it for us to eat healthfully.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth, it sounds like you are doing really well. I think I need to set out something similar for myself. FX for the TWW.

  3. I’m glad that you’ve found a way to still incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Go you! We used to get a CSA basket but at that point in our lives we were really lazy about cooking daily meals so we opted not to get it the next year. This year we’re trying to grow some of our own vegetables. I hope we get a decent harvest because I love eating fresh veggies!

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