Why is 2 weeks harder than 6?

It is crazy how hard the two week wait is.  I wasn’t even expecting to be here this month but now that I am it’s all I can think about.  When I was being careful and planning for July I still had all the pains of seeing other pregnant women, seeing cute teeny tiny socks in the window at the baby store, and longing to expand our family.  It wasn’t easy but I had a plan and I felt good about it knowing that it would be here before I knew it.  The weeks were passing and 6 weeks seemed so close.  BUT NOW…..Now that I possibly have a fertilized egg rattling around in my tubes I can’t stand it.  I wan’t to know!  I want to know if I should start getting excited and scared or if I should start bracing myself for the let down, because even though we were waiting until July to try you can bet your bum that my hopes are up and it will be a let down if I get a negative test.  Speaking of tests, when I was pregnant before I waited until my temps had been up 15 days before I tested.  I kind of thought about testing earlier but I was really ok with waiting.  I figured it would be the same the next time I entered a 2 week wait, I assumed I would do just that…wait.  I am already having to talk myself out of peeing on things, just to see.  I feel nuts, I really do!  I feel like I haven’t even made it to implantation yet and I’m already planning a 1rst birthday party.  Ok it isn’t quite that bad but when friends and family are talking about plans for later this summer it instantly makes me want to count how many weeks I would be.     I adjusted my coverline and now I think I am on 4dpo.  Of course I keep comparing my temperatures to my chart from last summer that led to a pregnancy, and of course it isn’t anything like that one, but it is a good chart with a very strong ovulation which I haven’t had in the past couple months.  I want anything that points to a yes or no.  I definitely have the two week crazies.  Maybe it is the hot dry weather.  Go ahead, tell me to settle down and not put the  baby buggy before the horse, or something about counting eggs before they are hatched, some clever saying that will put me back into the patient and oblivious zone.


11 thoughts on “Why is 2 weeks harder than 6?

  1. I definitely think it’s smart to not test too early. On my bfp cycle, I tested at 10dpo and it was negative and it crushed me…just FAINTLY positive by 12dpo. Hang in there!!

  2. Hang in there, the craziness can’t last for two complete total weeks, can it? Okay, I know it can, but I hope that you find other ways to distract yourself before you really do go insane. I say resist the urge to test right away. Give yourself a timeline and stick to it, no matter how badly you want to break the rules. If you do test early and it’s negative you’ll only make yourself crazier. Wait it out and hopefully you’ll get a wonderful reward!! 🙂

  3. I wasted sooooo many pregnancy tests last cycle since my period was late. I bought a new batch of Wondfos from Amazon last week, so I might be tempted to test at 10 dpo… Do you have some cheapies or just the pharmacy ones? It is taking everything in my power not to pee on something to see a line! I even took out my old positive tests. Not a good idea!

    • Right now I just have 2 pharmacy tests sitting in my bathroom door begging to come out. I will keep them in there for a while I think. I have never heard of Wondfos, I will look them up. Oh gosh if you test at 10dpo it will be so hard for me not to. I’m just kidding, please do because I’m almost as anxious hearing about your results as I am my own.

  4. After my crazed peestick frenzy last cycle, my rational side recommends that you WAIT! But my heart knows how difficult that can be. Still, the cycles where I felt the best not getting the result we were hoping for were those where I let nature – temps and symptoms and eventual period – give me the message. However you get the message this time, I hope it’s good news!

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