I have a push/pull, love/hate relationship with technology.  There is some really cool stuff out there.  I have an i.Phone and an i.Pad and I find myself constantly wondering what will apple come up with next?  I don’t have a account but I did have a back when that was cool (was that ever cool?  I don’t know), I do not tw.itter, but I do have my blog!  I am always fascinated by the latest thing in computers.  One of my fears in life is becoming the old lady that says things like “how do you work this thing?   I can’t find my contacts.   What is a cloud?”  I think maybe it is because it makes me feel young but I like to know how to do this stuff.  That being said I am quickly falling behind the times.  I don’t know anything about code writing so my blog is about as genetic as it gets.  I have downloaded about 30-35 aps on my phone but I use mmm maybe 7 of them regularly.

In the beginning I was slightly resistant to “smart” phones, I didn’t see the point.  I sit at a computer all day at work and I have a computer at home, did I really need a computer to carry with me so that I could be connected on my 20 min drive home?  But Cloudy talked me into it with this little gem, “Do you want the kids to have this stuff and be doing god knows what with it right under our noses and we won’t have a clue what they are doing because we are so far behind?”  I most Certainly Do Not want that!  So now our phones are smarter than we are and we look cool flashing them around in the grocery store with our virtual grocery list as we divide and conquer the task and our list stays synced so we don’t both come back to the cart with butter.  It’s almost like a game, Dang he just checked off broccoli, I wanted to get the broccoli, I’ll get cereal before he can get that one!  We’re pretty cool.

My other fear though… being that lady that can’t pull her nose away from a screen for five seconds to acknowledge a friend that has just walked in to have a cup of tea with me.  “Oh Hi Jennie, I’ll get up and give you a hug in 7 or 8 minutes when I have finished checking my email, paying my bills online, played a quick round of Sudoku, and checked my profile status”  You all know this person, every time you see them they spend more time looking at their phone, texting, and looking up facts to prove you wrong than engaging in a conversation.  I have definite potential to be this person.  I am a little bit anal about email.  I don’t like to have unread email.  If I get the beep or buzz I have to check it, just to see who it is from even.  Then I immediately want to do something with it, read it, delete it, move it to another folder.  I am queen of the neat and orderly email account.  Cloudy has some 300 unread messages!  How does he do that?! Anyway, I am constantly thinking about it.  If I have 20 sec of down time I want to check for emails, voice mails, text messages anything!!

How do you strike that balance of being plugged in and unplugged?

When Cloudy and I first got married we used to make dinner together every night and eat at the dinning room table, no tv, no phones.   It turned into eating in front of the tv when I was pregnant because I was so exhausted and so we just do it out of addiction habit.  Last night we were sitting there, munching on frozen pizza, tv on, and we were both stuck to our respective tablets.  So sad.  We weren’t even eating real food.  We have to start eating actual prepared meals at the table again!  I’m going to start tonight.

Are there any ap creators out there reading this?  If so I have some suggestions….

The ap that tracks and supposedly predicts ovulation is pretty good but this is 2012 I don’t have time to wait around for that.  I want an app that can actually make me ovulate!  It could even be a game, like collect 3 stars and an egg releases, or after defeating some out of control hormone monster the egg is free.  Oh maybe I could even get two released in a bonus twin level!

We really shouldn’t have to pee on things anymore.  I want an app that tells me I’m pregnant.  Like I could hold the phone up to my forehead and music starts playing and a giant plus sign flashes on the screen.  Please do not create one that tells me that I am NOT pregnant.

Recipe aps are nice but I want one that has dinner ready when I get home and the house vacuumed. iWife!!

Call me, I have great ideas like this every day.


3 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Wow how much would I pay for an app that makes you ovulate like a normal woman…? I would pay a lot!

    My husband and I never used to eat at the dining room table until we went to St. Lucia on a vacation and had to unplug for a week because there were no TVs, phones, or internet. Once we got back we started eating at the dining room table every night. It was great! We are doing kitchen/dining renos so right now we are back at the TV, but I think sitting down to eat a home cooked meal is a great thing to do at the end of the day. Better than zoning out on the couch!

  2. I think about this all the time. When I’m at my parents’ house, there is a no cell phone rule at the table, and we NEVER ate with the TV on (our TV room was even on a different floor – they designed the house that way)! At my house, TV is on, phones are checked…it’s ridiculous.

    Lately, I pause the TV (yes, PAUSE, it’s ridiculous), and we set our phones on silent, and we TALK during dinner. We still eat in like 10 minutes, but at least it’s 10 minutes of focusing on each other and our food, and it is SO.FREAKIN.NICE. Such a simple change, but so huge.

    Good luck disconnecting. I have the same email fetish. SAME. It’s hard to walk away from that blinking red light…

  3. Ha! I’d buy your apps.

    I am like you, I cannot let an unread email sit in my inbox if I know it’s there. Even if I know exactly what it says (like if it’s a link I just asked somebody to send to me). But ever since taking off the Blackberry leash my last job had me on, I haven’t had 3G service, only WiFi on my iPod, and it’s so refreshing not to be constantly tied to internet/mail/etc. while out and about, unless I specifically find a zone in which I can connect. But that grocery shopping app sounds very cool … I’m tempted ….

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