One thing I have always been so intrigued by is the phenomenon of women’s cycles all syncing up when they live together.   It’s one of the many amazing secrets that women have that prove how connected we really are.  I’m sure you have all heard about women whose periods come at the same time as their sister’s.  It seems to be common in dorms and roommate situations as well.   When Cloudy and I first started trying and I wasn’t having periods at all he even suggested that I move in with a bunch of women to sort me out.  When I would have girly weekends and we would pair up with roommates I always joked about sleeping in the room with anyone who was having their period so that my body might get a clue.

Ooh that reminds me of the book The Red Tent. Read It!  I read it last summer right before I got pregnant and it is such a powerful women’s tale.  I LOVE it.

Anyway, a lot of the research surrounding this synchro phenom says that it has to do with a certain scent or pheromone.  They (people of fancy colleges) have done all kinds of tests and this seems to be the ticket.  Now, I bring this up because a lot of the women whose blogs I follow are putting up CD1 posts right now with me!  Coincidence?  I mean there are a lot of women blogging about this stuff so it stands to reason that some of them would cycle at the same time I do but it really does seem crazy that it is the women I follow and follow me regularly.  And the even wilder thing about that is that we don’t all historically have regular periods.  So am I drawn to these particular ladies and their blogs because they are in sync with me or did my body sync up with theirs because of the connection I have made with them?    Something is up with this I think ladies.  We need some fancy college to study it for us.  It may be more about consciousnesses and connection than it is about pheromones unless you all have some smell widget I’m not familiar with.


8 thoughts on “Sunchronicity

  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing the other day !!! It’s amazing that there are quite a few of us starting cycles at the same time 🙂 xoxo

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