Last Rehearsal

Today my temp was below the cover line so I am assuming it is again day one and I will have the proof flowing within the next hour or two.  I don’t mind as it means that things are going along accordingly.  Even though we weren’t trying this month it is still always hard.  I am feeling a little bit of pressure as this is the start to the last official practice cycle.  It feels strange that I have officially not been trying for the last year since I was pregnant for 5 months and waiting to recover for the last 6.  It is crazy because it feels like I have been trying for 2.5 years!  I am trying not to put to much pressure on myself and my body, but I can already tell that I am going to be reading into every temp, every little sign.  I want to know that I am ready to go.  The problem is that I have never had a perfect cycle (except for the one where I actually did end up pregnant) so this one most likely won’t be perfect either.  Again, just more proof that I don’t feel that sure of my self or my ability to accomplish things.  Maybe this feeling less sure of myself is my lack of estrogen and progesterone in my system right now.

So let’s get this party started and over with in 28 days exactly, then the show can begin!  I am officially in the 8WW! plus or minus a week or 2 since my lovely ovaries like to keep me guessing.


7 thoughts on “Last Rehearsal

  1. Wow you are so very patient! Last time I TTC was only in February and I am so anxious to start again! I hope the next 8 weeks goes by fast for you and ends with a BFP! 🙂

    • A little bit patient, a little bit fear, a little bit of biting my nails every month! Every month I am too afraid to try and then I cry at every lost egg. I blame hormones 🙂

  2. So if you count up all the months that you’ve been waiting how many weeks has that been? You are infertility warrior – withstanding a wait much worse than the dreaded 2WW. My hat goes off to you, brave lady! I hope your wait is almost over and that you’ll soon have your baby in your arms.

    • I haven’t thought of it in those terms but I guess I started waiting after the procedure December 2nd so that would make it 8 weeks left in a 35WW. Oooh I do feel like a warrior.

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