Goals 6-1-12

I was reading a quote to my yoga class the other day and it said that you should write down your goals and revisit them and check in every month.  It said to make short term goals realistic and long term goals idealistic.  I really like this concept.  Making short term goals realistic sets you up for success from the beginning and I am definitely more likely to start a project that seems doable.  But having the option of setting idealistic goals in the long term really allows the imagination to play and grow.  Without the pressure of a deadline my mind allows me the gift of hope in achieving my wildest dreams.   One of my other favorite quotes is this

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.”

-Christopher Reeve

So I thought I should start with June and write down my goals. Once they were written I could decide if they were short term based on if getting them done was my priority or making them idealistic was more important to me.  Here are my goals right now.

  • Take and pass the exam that will give me my professional license so that I can move up in my current job.
  • Sell my rental property that is 6 hours away and a real pain in the tookus.
  • Make a happy healthy Baby!!!
  • Loose 15 pounds.
  • Move into town.

I learned something about my self.  I am rather impatient or unimaginative.  I want all of these things now.  The two that are most long term for me are making that baby, which will hopefully start cooking next month but then I will have a long road ahead of that one.  And moving into town.  We currently live about 14 miles outside of our little town in an even smaller unincorporated town (which is really like 3 houses, a fire station, and a post office).  It really is fairly close to everything we do and our work but it would be nice to live right in the heart of town.  Or at least a better school district and within biking distance of our office.  The problem is that the town we claim to be from (the actual “big” small town) is pretty expensive to buy property.  Cloudy and I both have good jobs for the area (I should have been a doctor) and currently no kids, even still, moving into town would be a stretch for us.  If I could sell the property I own in the Big City far away and if we could sell or rent out the house we are currently living in, then it might be possible.  But selling houses is not really very easy right now.  So, where we are will work perfectly fine until we are able to make some money on our current properties and find the house of our dreams.  I’ll make move to town a “long term” goal.

The short term goals are in the works and I am trying to be realistic about them.  My application for the PE exam is in.  As soon as I get the green light from the board I can study to take the next exam which is in October.  Not much else I can do on that one.

My rental property will hopefully be on the market by next week.  I am having some minor repairs done to the porch and rain gutters next week and then it will be ready to show.   I am really putting quick and easy into the universe on this one!  My current tenants lease is up at the end of this month so every month after that that is sits empty is an entire mortgage payment we have to come up with.

We will start making that perfect baby next month if we are lucky but you all know how that short term goal can stay on the list month after month.  I’m staying positive though and again asking for quick and easy!

Ok ok, losing the 15 pounds is looking like it will most likely be long term too.  I don’t think I will drop it in the next 6 weeks before we start trying again and if I do get that magic fertilization I will probably start gaining again and won’t think about loosing weight for at least another 10 months.  And 15 is pretty idealistic.

There are my current life goals.  I will revisit in July and see what my priorities are at that point and where I am at with all of this.  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Goals 6-1-12

  1. Love your words “to make short term goals realistic and long term goals idealistic”… what a wonderful idea 🙂 Thinking of you as you start your goals… and esp TTC your happy healthy baby… FXd for you every step of the way xoxo

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