Needles, Sticks, and Berries

I went to my acupuncture appointment on Tuesday.  I either had a good day, or I’m getting desensitized to the needle sensation, or I’m healing, but it was the easiest session I’ve had in a while.  Only one point in my left shin gave me fits, I think it may be stomach 36.  I usually get a needle to this point because it is for phlegm which is what Chinese medicine considers the cysts associated with PCOS.   So a little pain in the shin to rid myself of cysts is worth it I’d say.  The point is also good for cold and flu symptoms and Cloudy is sick right now so hopefully it will keep me from getting sick too, Bonus!

I only know this about the stomach 36 point because my last acupuncturist was really good about telling me about every point she was treating and what it was doing for me.  She explained and talked a lot about my tongue, my pulse, the acupuncture, the herbs I was taking, the energy of certain food I should eat or shouldn’t eat.  It was like going to a class on Chinese medicine as it related to my body and my goal of getting pregnant.  This guy I am seeing now isn’t so much like that, he asks similar questions and treats similar points but it is more of him treating me and me just trusting that he knows what he is doing.  He will explain a little if I ask but it is very brief.  “What is that point for?” ” Oh that is a kidney point to stimulate kidney yang”   OK.   I think there are just as many patient types as there are practitioner types and some people probably don’t want their ears talked off, they just want to go in, relax, and come out healed.  I actually really liked all the information I used to be provided.   I do trust him and the proof is in the ovulatory pudding that he knows what he is doing, but I really like the idea of taking part in your own healing and knowledge is a huge part of that.

One place I would like a little more info on is the herbs he gives me.  He does all raw herbs imported from China and they are all in glass jars in his office with their Chinese names on them.  He measures out and mixes several herbs for my individual needs and usually gives me about a weeks’ worth at a time.  I take them all month except when I am bleeding.  So, after every appointment I leave with three or four little plastic baggies filled with what looks like handfuls of mulch and dried berries and sticks and leaves and black things.  I have to let these things simmer in water for an hour and then strain the herbs off and divide the liquid into batches that I drink 2 or three times a day.  At this week’s appointment he even gave me something called glue sticks (that look to me like dog treats) that I am supposed to melt into the liquid after I strain it off.  It’s a little weird and the teas never taste good, some of them I have to choke down.  That’s fine, all in a day’s work to get pregnant.  I just wish I knew what the heck it was that I was ingesting week to week.


4 thoughts on “Needles, Sticks, and Berries

  1. You are one dedicated pre-momma! Chinese medicine has always interested me but I’ve never given it a try. I live in a smallish town so I would probably have to travel elsewhere to find a practitioner. It sounds like you’re seeing some results so those mystery herbs must be doing something!

    • Thanks. Some days, reading about all the doctors appts and meds involved with western fertility treatments, I feel like I’m taking the easy way out, but I do try to be dedicated.
      My town is smallish too but it is very much a recycle-bike to work-alternative heatlh care kind of town so I am fortunate that there are several great practitioners here. I do think most of the ones focused specifically on fertility are in larger cities though.

  2. “The proof is in the ovulatory pudding” – ha!
    I have been thinking about acupuncture for my hypothyroidism, but I’m not sure it would really help. (Acupuncturist websites say yes, maybe; World Health Organization says no ….)

    • I think you should try it. I know it doesn’t work for everything on everybody but my body responds very well to it. I think you would know in 3 or 4 times if it was helping. I would just make sure your doc knows so that if there is major improvement he can monitor your med dosage.

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