Darn technology anyway!

I don’t know what happened to yesterday’s post.  It’s updated now.  I guess that is what I get for trying to type something up quickly on my phone.  That is the first time I have tried to post from my phone, I need to practice to get it down I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Mine was nice, we had some crazy wind on Sat that filled our air with dust but other than that it was really nice here.

And the best news!  I think I finally ovulated!  I guess that nice talking really works.  I actually think it happened on Friday but I wanted to see 2 or 3 days of raised temps before I got too excited.  I’ve had it go up before only to see it plummet back down again.  But I have had 3 days over 97.7 so I think I can be sure.  Yay ovaries!  Thank You.  Only one more practice round and then the craziness will begin.   I have acupuncture today so I will see what he thinks about the delayed ovulation this month.

That’s all today.  I’ve got to go catch up on my blog reading!


5 thoughts on “Darn technology anyway!

    • I just temp. When I started doing it my temps were all over the place but I wasn’t having periods so I was pretty sure I wasn’t ovulating. I did have lots of spikes up and then it would come back down. The first time it went up and stayed up I had a period 2 weeks later so I was pretty convinced that I had ovulated. It’s been that way ever since so I find it pretty reliable. Guess I never thought to try anything else. Plus I can tell so much more from my chart than ovulation. I can tell early on in a cycle if things are going right, I can even see a difference when I have a little too much wine 🙂 For me the temp charting is very telling of my overall health and well being. And I love to do the look back and compare to previous months as if that ever means anything 🙂

  1. Yay for the O!! I rarely used OPKs after awhile b/c with PCOS you can have multiple surges but only one TRUE surge, so consistently high temps are the only way to know for sure. I’m glad you stuck it out and kept temping!

    • Oh that is interesting. I did not know about the multiple LH surges. I guess that makes sense with my other peaks early on before the real O. I wonder if there is anything to do to keep that from happening….

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