Dear Ovaries

Hi girls,

I think I have been a little harsh on you lately.  I have been engaging in a little bit of negative talking about you and the rest of our body recently and I think maybe I have hurt your feelings.  I did get upset when cycle day 15 rolled around and you still weren’t sending any little eggs out.  I think maybe the pressure was just too much.  I know that you are up against a lot and you rely heavily on my trust as well as a little bit of cooperation from ms pituitary. I would like to formally apologize to you in this public forum.  If there is anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable or inspired please let me know.  I really have no idea what is going on with you.  Are you holding on to that egg because you know I am going to make Cloudy wear a condom for 2 more months and you feel as if I am wasting your creative energy?  I hope you know that I am trying to give you and lady uterus and all the other necessary parts time to practice and coordinate and get as strong and healthy as possible before bringing in the idea of fertilization and implantation thus sending you into hibernation again.  I’ll try to be more patient but it would be great if you could send us an egg so that we all know you are ok and on board.  Just give me two more practice eggs and then I will send in the sperm and hopefully get to the good part.  I appreciate everything you do.


The part of me that types letters to my ovaries.


2 thoughts on “Dear Ovaries

  1. My ovaries/body has been has been pretty beat up by my doubts of it the last couple months, i too owe it a great apology and hopefully it will choose to forgive and be fruitfull this next cycle! Since your giving yours a nice reprive i am sure it will thank you.

  2. I’ve often talked with my ovaries over this cycle… to encourage them gently to do their job ! Wish our bodies would ‘get with the program’… and do everything they’re supposed to do 🙂 Sending positive vibes your way xoxo

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