Babies R-not Us

When I first started this blog I was so wrapped up in getting my story out there that I thought about myself a lot.  I loved getting your comments and I also found comfort in reading your stories.  But now I feel like I am really truly invested in your outcomes.  I spend a lot more time wondering how each of you is doing and how you are feeling than I do thinking about what to post on my own blog.   I can’t wait to hear your news and where you are at in terms of test results, doctors visits, follicle count.  I think about you ladies all day long and everything that you are going through.  I really wish I could just go down to babies “are” us and pick up a dozen smiling (or crying, I know at this point we aren’t too picky) infants and drive around the world to deliver you a pink or blue bundle of love.  It is such a different feeling to wake up and wonder how you are all doing and if there is any news.  I think about what I can write that will inspire you all to keep going, not to give up on your dream of motherhood (which I know none of you will).  You have all blown my world wide open, I am no longer just stuck in feeling sorry for myself or feeling alone.

Whoa, hormonal shift.


3 thoughts on “Babies R-not Us

  1. Such a lovely post. I would definitely go shopping with you at Babies “are” Us to pick up a bundle for everyone. The positive side of being a part of the infertile club is connecting with so many amazing ladies from around the world. No matter what my personal outcome is I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with these wonderfully strong women. I learn so much by reading about everyone else’s journeys.

  2. I love what you express here! I feel it myself … my blog started as a space for me, to work through the loss, but the connections I’ve made have become just as important, if not more so. I too feel really invested in everybody’s stories, and sometimes I have to stop myself from sharing you guys’ news with my husband, forgetting that he doesn’t “know” my bloggie friends like I do!

    And yes, if you could just send us all a little package from BrUs ….

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