Ovulation No Show

Here I am on day 18 and my wacky chart and wacky body are just not quite ready to show that spike in temp.  What up with that crazy climb from day 3 to day 7?  And also what up with those scary tooth-like drops on day 8 and 16?  I even had to change the scale to get day 16 to show up, I never have temps that low!

Just when I think me and Mr Needles (my new name for my acupuncturist) have started to get this figured out it gets all crazy on us again. I know that we aren’t trying this cycle but it is our second to last dress rehearsal and I just wanted everything to go smoothly.  I just want to be able to predict ovulation.  The other odd thing that is happening this cycle is I have egg white cervical mucus a plenty.  Usually I just have it on the day of ovulation and  not very much of it at all.  This time it showed up on day 13 and it hasn’t stopped!

The frustrating thing about this charting stuff is that it gives me just enough information to let me know if things are going good or going horribly awry.  It does not tell me what is going on or why it is bonkers some months or what I am to do about it.   I feel good that the last 11 days have at least been under my coverline.  I just don’t know when that pretty little spike can be expected.  I have had cycles where the beginning was a little off but it turned around in time to ovulate right on day 14 and I’ve them where they don’t and I have to wait it out.  So I guess that I might have to wait another 3 days so that I have 14 days of low temps, this has happened before, but then why all this egg white mucus?

I am frustrated, I’m not even trying to get pregnant this month but I am still super frustrated.  When things don’t work and it looks like the road ahead is long and bumpy, that is when I feel the most cheated.  I am loving my body and having lovely talks with my ovaries to coax them in to action.  I don’t want to yell at my body and scare it into hibernation again.  So today I yelled at the alarm and the thermometer.  When I got another low temp I said “Why are you waking me up for this?  I should be waking up to a crying baby!  At least have the decency to show me an ovulation temp!”


6 thoughts on “Ovulation No Show

  1. Something that affected my temps was changes in the weather and allergy season. If I slept with my mouth open (b/c of being stuffed up), my temp was generally lower the next morning. Do you think something like that could be affecting you?

  2. I used to get really wonky temp charts too, so I just gave up on it. I also have inconsistencies with my ewcm. Last cycle I didn’t get it until after I ovulated and it lasted a few days and was plentiful. This cycle I had just a little on the day before and day of, then it was over. I totally get how frustrating all of these “ovulation symptoms” can be. Unfortunately for PCOS I think that is just the way it is, even during a medicated cycle… 😦

    • I think you are right. In my PCOS denial I try to make sense of it all but I know my temps do tend towards up and down and up and down senseless patterns.

  3. I hear you … I woke up to 98.58 today. What? I’m always in the 97s before ovulation and only in the 98s after. I did wake up two hours later than usual and took a sleeping pill last night, perhaps that’s why. But thinking about it too much can make a girl go crazy! Love your last few lines – it really is those bastards who deserve the wrath! (That’s why my thermometer is being punished by not going on holiday with me. Take that!!)

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