And we are current now!

Thank you so much for letting me get by back story out. Here we are now in present day. It has been almost 5 months since I lost our baby and I am eager to start trying again.

Here is the latest on my treatment and my body.

I mentioned a few posts back that I made an appointment with a new acupuncturist and that he is male. I have had several appointments with him so far and I really like him. His treatments are similar to what I am used to but slightly different. He does one side (so far just lying on my back) he uses some of the points I am used to but fewer needles per session. This is welcome because my other lady used to use lots and lots of needles. He does have a bit of a rougher touch, (I didn’t even think that was possible as I thought the other lady was pretty rough), he thinks there should be a good balance between feeling the work of the energy and being able to relax and tolerate the experience. He sets up his heat lamps on my feet and belly and then leaves me to soak in the healing. After a while he comes in and instead of putting in new needles he stimulates the ones that are already in. I don’t enjoy this part but I can definitely feel it working. After the second round of relaxing with the needles he comes back in and takes them out. The next part is nice because he does just a little bit of massage (tuina) and he pops all my fingers and toes. The first time he did this I was like “Whoa, what?” but the second time I saw it coming and it wasn’t so bad. I leave the sessions feeling so much better, just relaxed and at ease with life. I think my body responded quickly and I could tell it missed its weekly poking sessions. I saw him right at the end of that cycle where I started taking all kinds of herbs and switching things up just for fun. After taking out the kidney tonic herbs and adding back in the DIM I did ovulate and the second half of my cycle was looking good when I got to him. He had me cut back and change my herbal regimen a little bit. I was glad that he understood that I already sank my money into these herbs and he was happy to help me use them to my advantage. So I stayed on the Free and Easy Wanderer (liver qi stagnation) and Stasis in the Lower Palace (blood mover) until menstruation and then back on yin valley (kidney yin) and Restore the Middle Way (spleen qi) after the bleeding stopped. I took the yin valley until day 12 when he gave me some nasty raw herbs to make into tea to take day 12-17 to increase yang energy and stimulate ovulation. When he gave me the herbs he said “if your tongue goes numb just boil it a little longer”. Huh, what now? Numb? Great! No numb tongue but I tell you what, my tongue wanted to leave my mouth and never come back this tea is so strong and disgusting. I have been seeing him weekly ever since and my last two cycles have been back on track with his help so I trust him. The follicular phase is always where I struggle and it’s going great this month. My ovulation spike has been so gradual and weak, I’m hoping his herbs will change that. My periods are still short, dark and scant, so my uterus still needs some thickening help I think, maybe he can help with that too. I was worried about talking to a man about all of this but he is super great, plus it has become such a regular part of my vocabulary and my discussions with myself and my friends and you guys that it just comes out naturally now. “Let me tell you all about my menstrual cycle!”


3 thoughts on “And we are current now!

  1. Wonderful that he’s helped to get your cycles back on track… my acupuncturist did a similar thing after losing Gabrielle and has helped so much along the way. Makes such a difference 🙂 xoxo

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