Girls Weekend

The weekend after my birthday and 2.5 months after losing the baby some of my amazing friends and fellow yoga instructors took me on a little retreat away from home for some good old fashion women hanging around talking kind of healing. It was great. I was teary eyed for days leading up to it because I knew I was finally going to have another container for my feelings. It had been long enough that people weren’t considering me fragile and calling me every day but not long enough that I was really done grieving. I was having a hard time holding in all of my grief and tears and just the thought of a whole weekend to talk to some women about what I was feeling was enough to make it all rise to the top again. It ended up being a beautiful weekend. I really appreciate the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air for a hike and a soak in the hot springs. I also appreciate all the laughter shared with these funny women. But mostly I appreciate that they just let me cry all day for 3 days straight. They asked how I was feeling and let all of it be ok. They weren’t quick to offer help for a situation they could never fully understand. They were just there. That was what I needed, people to show up and be there for me while I felt my pain. I felt loved and I am forever grateful for these friendships.


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