Moving Forward

I want to speak to my body, my bbt, and my menstrual cycles post D&E. I had a period 5 weeks after the procedure and I was so happy. This is such a normal thing to have happen and I was shocked that it was that easy. I started taking my temperature at 5 days past the procedure.

It was a little wonky but all in all not bad considering what my past charts have looked like and what my body had just been through. I noticed that the temp change at ovulation was not very strong. The period lasted only about a day and a half but all things considered I was very happy. I bled for only about 3 days after the procedure but I had spotting through day 12. When all the bleeding appeared to be done I started back on the supplements that I was taking a break from during pregnancy. So back to the vitex, maca, DIM, NAC, chromium, and primrose oil along with my prenatals and fish oil I took throughout the pregnancy. I also added royal jelly for good measure hoping to improve egg quality and decrease any chance in hell that this would happen again. I don’t know if those had anything to do with it but I was back! I was ovulating and menstruating right on target.

My second cycle was a little better than that first one even, I still had a couple high pre-o temps and again not a strong ovulation temp change. But it did happen and again I bled right on schedule even though it was only a day and a half again. I was so happy and proud of my body, I even forgave it for hanging on to the pregnancy weight despite my first ever diet and hitting the gym hard again. I decided that me and my ovaries could still be friends and maybe our bond would be even stronger given our time together and we could trust each other more.

For the third cycle I decided that since my days of actual bleeding were very minimal that perhaps the D&E had left my uterus feeling sad and empty and it needed my friendship and attention too. Not only was I going to be close with my ovaries but I invited my uterus to the healing circle as well. I added in some red raspberry leaf tea and bromelain tablets to the regimen with the hopes of building my uterine lining. I also thought that maybe I was no longer estrogen dominant so I stopped taking the DIM with the thought process that I needed estrogen to build my lining. I also remembered my success with Chinese herbs so I started to self-prescribe. Luckily I was able to get some (very minimal) email support from Ageless Herbs and get going with some great stuff. I filled out the online questionnaire and was advised to take Stasis in the Lower Palace for blood moving, Free and Easy Wanderer for liver chi stagnation, and Restore the Middle Way to build spleen chi. Being the supplement junky that I am, I decided to throw in a Kidney yin tonic (Yin Valley) for days 4-11 and a Kidney Yang Tonic (Ancestor Treasure) days 12-17 to hopefully create a stronger yin-yang transformation and see a stronger ovulation.

It’s quite possible that I changed too many things at once. (You think?) Cycle 3 post D&E was not looking as pretty as one and two. The first 12 days were higher than my usual coverline. I talked myself into thinking this was ok by doing more research. Lots of women had seen a raise in pre-o temps with improved thyroid function so I thought maybe that was what I was seeing. Well when day 13-15 came with extremely low temps and not the spike I was hoping for I knew something was not right. Looking back at it now it was more of the saw tooth pattern that is indicative of PCOS! So I backed off a little stopped taking the kidney tonics. They seemed to do the exact opposite of what I was looking for, higher temps during the yin tonic and lower temps during the yang tonic. Clearly, I am no master of Chinese herbs but I am learning. I also decided to add the DIM back in because the prolonged follicular phase and the abundance of clear and creamy cervical mucus lead me to believe that the estrogen is perhaps still a little dominant. Things started to settle down a bit so I felt better. But I did make an appointment with an acupuncturist just for good measure. I had to get a new one because the woman I previously saw was off on a boat with acupuncturists without borders. Great for her, sucky for me. I picked this new guy because I have gotten raw herbs from him in the past and have seen him give a public talk on the greatness of acupuncture. I was slightly nervous about using a male but he has been fantastic and very knowledgeable.


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. So is this post current day now?
    You definitely don’t want to change too many things at once!
    My acupuncturist just had me on a couple of supplements depending on where in my cycle I was. We were also working trying to get the sawtooth pattern off my charts.

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