The four leaf clover in my unlucky patch

As unlucky as this whole thing has made me feel, I have really been shown the other side of that coin as well. We are so so lucky to have such good friends and family. My mom took such amazing care of Cloudy and I while we were in her city for the termination. When we came home our friend who had been staying at the house and watching our kitties and puppy had cleaned our entire house, seriously, it had never been that clean before. She shoveled the snow, carried in tons of wood for our wood burning stove, did our laundry, clean sheets on the bed and all. It was so nice to come home to clean house. She is the best and we are lucky to have her in our lives. Also, when we got home there was a huge box on our porch that said “food” on it. One of our other friends had prepared a huge meal for our arrival home. They went all out, there was homemade lasagna, homemade cookies, bread from a local bakery, a beautiful salad. It was so good, and so easy. We are loved and blessed. As the weeks after the procedure unfolded a lot of our friends and family came out of the woodwork and touched our hearts with open arms. We received cards and favors abound. I don’t know how we would’ve made it through those first few weeks if it wasn’t for the outpouring of love and support and help that we received. So I’m sticking with lucky, despite our run of bad luck.

And now, several months later as I relive this tragedy through writing, all of you out there have been so amazing. I have not received an ounce of judgment, only compassion and love, from internet strangers! Seriously ladies, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Having my undiluted truth out there has been easy thanks to your support. The courage and strength and caring for others in the midst of your own heartbreak and hectic lives makes me love the world and the people in it.


4 thoughts on “The four leaf clover in my unlucky patch

  1. I am having a good healthy blub having read this post. Wow, those are some good friends you have there. How lovely to feel love surrounding you like that.

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