It worked!

After the 2 week wait that felt like 10, I woke up and took my temperature first (still high!) and peed on a stick second. I was all prepared to pee and then do yoga for the agonizing 5 minutes that is suggested for a positive reading. But no need! I had line number 2 before the test line even turned pink. Instantly I had a positive pregnancy test! Granted it was my first ever 2 week wait and my first ever (well ok not first ever, but first time when I actually wanted to be pregnant) pregnancy test and it was positive. Keep in mind that lots of months passed when I did not even make it to these steps since my ovaries were on lock down.

I was so excited I didn’t even know what to do. There may have been some spontaneous yelling and jumping! I realized what I was doing and did not want to give it away to Cloudy who was showering in the bathroom right below me. So I snuck downstairs and grabbed a marker and the video camera. I wrote the word “baby” on my stomach and drew an arrow to my uterus. Then I waited outside of the downstairs bathroom like a stalker with my video camera and exposed stomach waiting to catch Cloudy’s reaction. When he came out he was so concerned with the camera that my body graffiti didn’t even get a second look. I had to turn the camera off and set it down before Cloudy was able to pull it together and focus on the important news at hand. Finally he clued in and was so excited. So excited in fact, we ended up celebrating with passionate throes right there in the living room.

At work I was so distracted that of course I was all over the google once more, researching what to do, who to call, what to feel. I was crazy. I called my mom on the way to work. During the day I also called my best friend and my acupuncturist and naturopath. It was so fun telling people and hearing their reactions. We waited to tell the Cloudy in-laws until that night. Cloudy insisted that I take another test before telling them. So I did, I even used a different brand. And again there was a little plus sign before I could even stand up! So we skyped with Cloudy’s parents. They never thought they would see the day that that man would be a husband let alone a dad, so they were so thrilled.

Of course we were happy but I knew that leaving the 2 week wait victoriously only meant the even more challenging 12 week wait. The good news is that the first 4 weeks are over before you can even get a positive test, so 4 down 8 to go to be in the clear. I decided that I only wanted to tell the people that I would want supporting me in the case of a miscarriage. I felt like we had already had our hardship but you just never know, and miscarriage is so much more prevalent than I even knew. So we waited. I had really sore breasts that fourth week but no other real symptoms to tell of.


7 thoughts on “It worked!

  1. Love how you announced to your partner :)) Congrats… and looking forward to hearing more of your wonderful story xo

      • I’m so sorry, I should have realized that you were continuing the past story instead of giving us news. I’m sorry for your loss and wish, like you, that there could be a happier continuation of what you have begun to tell us.

      • I was just writing and writing and trying to make breaks where they naturally came, I realized even going back and reading it that I should have said something sooner. Maybe in a messed up way I wanted all those congratulations again. Hopefully they are around the corner for all of us!

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