High Five Ovaries!

This is a good story, so go make yourself some red raspberry leaf tea and come back, I’ll wait. Isn’t that good tea? I love it!

I spent some time with my family for 4th of July weekend (2011). It was such a good weekend, I got to see my Dad, all my brothers and sisters, and my grandpa. We just hung out, swam in the pool, bbq’d, and made homemade ice-cream. It was a desperately needed break. I came home on July 6th and started my period on July 7th. I was at the fertile soul retreat for days 3-5 of my cycle and I was at the Telluride Yoga Festival for days 9-11. I felt so good. And my bbt chart was looking really good too. For 14 straight days my temperature was able to stay nice and calm and under my coverline. My acupuncturist was able to use the diagnosis and some of the recommended points from Randine to really get my body revving. On day 14 I felt so sure that my body was in the best shape it had ever been. I also really believed that I would ovulate sometime that day and see a nice strong ovulation temp spike. So I did what we do when all the stars feel perfect. I put on some sexy underwear and waited anxiously for Cloudy to come home and knock me up. He had to work out of town that day and took advantage of his locale by taking a post work bike ride in the hills. It was after 8pm by the time he got home and I had been sitting on the couch vegging in my underwear when he walked through the door. I was tired, but it was show time. Luckily the sexy underwear did most of the work and we were having a good time in no time. When the show was over Cloudy looked at me suspiciously and asked “Are you ovulating?” I replied with “I think so” This was followed up with some high fives and then we called it a day. The next morning my temperature was up 0.35 of a degree and it rose another 0.6 the next day. WAHOO I did ovulate. All that sitting around in my undies waiting for Cloudy was not for nothing. I was entering my very first two week wait! It is dreadful but it is more fun when the temperatures just keep going up. It really gives a girl hope. It just kept going up up up. I even printed my chart out on day 28 and hung it on the refrigerator. On day 29 I worked up the nerve to pee on a stick and hold my breath for the results. Cycle 3, most perfect cycle ever, good job body. No matter what the stick said, this was huge. Everything in my body had happened right on cue. My ovaries and I were in love, they became my new BFFs. We went everywhere together and had inside jokes. Oh ovaries, you are the best!


2 thoughts on “High Five Ovaries!

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 Love the sounds of your retreats and yoga… FXd for you and your ovaries :)) xo

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